Who is the autocratic president, again, overstepping his authority?

Judges, throughout the country, are correctly ruling that President Biden and OSHA don't have the constitutional authority to require everyone to get vaccines.

Therefore, shouldn't it have been unconstitutional for the Democrats to require an individual mandate for everyone to buy health insurance? 

Not only did they require everyone to have a policy, but they mandated everything the policy must have.

Chief John Justice Roberts, instead of interpreting Obamacare as written, essentially rewrote the law by calling the individual mandate penalty "a tax" in order to pretend the law was constitutional.

As with the Build Back Better bill, where Democrats are misleading the public that universal daycare and universal pre-K paid by the government will lower costs, they continually lied that Obamacare would reduce costs.

Obamacare, with all its mandates and taxes, took away freedom of choice, and the price of insurance and co-pays skyrocketed.  Obamacare reduced competition, and large insurance companies had a captive audience.  When daycare and preschool providers know they have a captive audience and the government will take care of much of the bill, there will be no incentive to control costs and prices will skyrocket.  The middle class will be hammered.

Prices finally stabilized after Trump took away the individual mandates and allowed people the freedom of choice.

For four years, as Trump was transferring freedom and power back to the people as fast as possible, the media described Trump as a dictator and an autocrat to intentionally mislead the public.

As Biden rules by executive orders and mandates, the media pretend he is not autocratic.

The New York Times loves Biden's policies and campaigns for them every day.  The paper continually implies that Biden is moderate and competent.  It blames his failures on politics and Republicans for blocking his glorious policies.  Of course, the people at the NYT never blamed Democrats for blocking Trump's policies, no matter how well they worked. 

The problem with Biden and the Democrats is that their radical leftist policies are unpopular, and Biden, Harris, and others in his administration are the most incompetent people I have seen in my lifetime.  They are seeking to destroy America and our way of life as fast as they can.

On Politics: Joe Biden and the political limits of competence

For eight years, the media campaigned for Obama and Biden policies, including Obamacare.  Ben Rhodes admitted that the Obama administration used compliant reporters to spread lies about the disastrous Iran deal.

Then, for four years, the media peddled lies, including the known lies about Russian collusion, to destroy Trump.

For the entire campaign of Biden, and his first eleven months in office, we have been treated to reports of how great and popular his policies are.

Now some are peddling lies that Biden is getting worse coverage than Trump did despite the media essentially promoting Biden's radical policies every day.

White House, CNN promote Washington Post column claiming Biden is getting 'worse' media coverage than Trump

There is a good reason why only 7% of U.S. adults have a great deal of trust in the media.  Journalists have earned that exceptionally low rating.  Much of what is reported as news is essentially Democrat talking points pushing an agenda and seeking to destroy Republicans.  They are an arm of the Democrat party.  It is a shame that journalists don't have to report their daily contributions to the FEC.

Americans' Trust in Media Dips to Second Lowest on Record

Americans' trust in the media to report the news fully, accurately and fairly has edged down four percentage points since last year to 36%, making this year's reading the second lowest in Gallup's trend.

In all, 7% of U.S. adults say they have "a great deal" and 29% "a fair amount" of trust and confidence in newspapers, television and radio news reporting –

Partisans' trust in the media continues to be sharply polarized. Currently, 68% of Democrats, 11% of Republicans and 31% of independents say they trust the media a great deal or fair amount.

It all seems pretty obvious.

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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