White House comms team is so desperate to dodge responsibility for supply chain crisis that it had Biden say something self-evidently stupid

I almost feel sorry for the people who tell Joe Biden what to say.  They are stuck with a guy who was never that sharp and who is in steep cognitive decline.  He stumbles over his words all the time, and he squints when he reads even the jumbo-sized teleprompters, making him look a bit like the dueling banjo guy in Deliverance.

YouTube screen grab.

Compounding their problem, they have to sell policies that are idiotic and indefensible and justify the terrible results.

Case in point: Yesterday, well aware that people are upset to find empty store shelves (which is not just inconvenient and frustrating, but an awful reminder that we're on the path toward becoming Venezuela), they had Biden compare it with the problem that arises when children's toys becoming fads, and retailers are unable to meet the sudden demand.  Seriously, he actually compared Cabbage Patch Kids and Beanie Babies being hard to find with supermarket shelves being bare of everyday necessities.  Watch:

Biden's staff, starting with chief of staff Ron Klain, are second-raters.  So I can't really feel sorry for them.  They are trying to defraud the American people, selling a senile, corrupt pol as a fitting occupant of the Oval Office.

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