What if it isn't the parent's fault?

I sent my daughter off to high school this morning with a blend of regret and fear.  There are threats against schools all over the map of Michigan today — copycats in the wake of the Oxford shootings.

This is not a healthy way to live.

In fact, it occurs to me that there is way too much student anger — anger that has been seeded and nourished by school boards, administrators, and teachers. 

Just last week, Russell Ball, who taught seventh-grade health and eighth-grade family consumer science at Three Rivers Middle School in Michigan, resigned because he was asked to remove a gay flag from his classroom.  Ball said, "I was not going to be an active participant in the suppression and oppression of an already marginalized group that I'm a part of."

Suppression, oppression, marginalized.  Is it healthy to be around someone who tosses around such heated terms all day, every day?  Why was this sexual hypochondriac ever allowed to drag his personal obsessions into the classroom?  Has Russell Ball nothing to offer students beyond his sexuality?

Last week, in the pages of NBC's "Think" section, Christina Wyman declared, "Teaching, too, is a science.  Unless they're licensed and certified, parents aren't qualified to make decisions about curricula."

This is an argument from authority that might make Dr. Fauci blush.  If teachers today consider themselves scientists, are students therefore lab rats in some grand social experiment?

What may a student expect from these artless educational technocrats?

Three to four hours of homework every night.  Not ten or twenty, but fifty and sometimes eighty math problems.  Two- and three-page essays based upon a "prompt."  They must construct a self-propelled car with CDs for wheels.  They are compelled to read some God-awful modern literature soaked with sex in a crust of stale racism.

Students are inundated with "girl power" in its most damaging form.  Boys are deemed bad by nature and represent only an oppressive patriarchy — this unless they are effeminate enough to be innocuous.  Everybody is told whites are privileged and the world would be better without them.

You try taking a steady diet of this bilge and see if you can hang on to a sense of personal balance.

These kids are not shooting up their homes; the rage is focused upon their schools.

And no one is asking why this is so.

Image: Pixabay.

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