What do migrant surges and smash-and-grab lootings have in common?

The sudden appearance of smash-and-grab mass lootings has left a lot of people perplexed.  After all, who the hell would do that sort of thing?  We know that such people are aware that they won't be punished, but that isn't the full story.  Most of us wouldn't do that kind of thing no matter what the incentives.  We're the kind of people who return an extra dollar to a store clerk because honesty is natural and compassion is our way of life — we don't want the clerk's drawer to come up short at the end of the day.  We live our social capital. 

The people who engage in organized smash-and-grab lootings have an entirely unrecognizable mentality.  Sure, they're likely fatherless.  And sure, they're likely religion-less, with zero exposure to morality.  It's natural to wonder if these people were raised by wolves and kept in some sort of den to come out like vampires now that Chesa Boudin is running the district attorney's shop in San Francisco.  The phenomenon doesn't add up.

Actually, between basic absence of morality brought on by social chaos, and the knowledge that one will never be punished for one's crime, there's an intermediary cause, an activator of this these mobby crimes.

According to The Hill, citing the Wall Street Journal:

Police say that some of the smash-and-grab robberies that recently took place in California and Minnesota were organized on social media and were carried out by people who did not know each other.

Local law enforcement said robberies at a Bay Area Nordstrom, a San Francisco Louis Vuitton and at a Minneapolis Best Buy were all organized on social media, according to The Wall Street Journal.

For the people who took part in some of the incidents in California, Snapchat was used to organize the crimes as thieves were possibly attracted to the app's ability to make messages disappear. Once law enforcement arrested some suspects, they at times did not know the names or have any information about the people with whom they were working, the Journal reported.

Yes, indeed, these people are out there, and they are activated by social media — Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, and others — openly slavering to be included in these loot fests, all made possible by social media.

In an earlier blog post, I ran across this pair:

The posts are still up, with Twitter continuing to focus on right-wingers to censor, not the brays of the wannabe looters asking for someone to put them on a list to call so they can go smash and grab a fancy retailer for "free" designer goods.

Facebook and Snapchat have been named in the reports, too, and apparently, it's the new "in" thing.  Not too long ago, another social media outfit, TikTok, was the vehicle of choice for random attacks on educators called the "Slap a Teacher Challenge."  Overseas this year, Palestinian terrorists initiated a comparable "Slap a Jew" TikTok challenge, copycatting the revolting 2015 "Knockout Game" targeting Jews in New York with attacks from behind, which also emerged from the social media swamp.  And though I have not found the entire trail of evidence yet, I'd bet money that the violent random attacks on Asians going on in deep blue cities are also social media (as well as YouTube)–generated.  It fits the sick pattern.

Mass lootings are social media's new achievement this day, and nobody in that wealthy tech industry ever pays for it.  The looters get off, the retailers eat the loss, and the shops close up, leaving beautiful American cities all duplicates of Detroit during its bad years.  Worse still, ravaged cities can take decades to recover.  Just ask South Central Los Angeles or Detroit itself in the wake of its mass riots.

It's far from the only negative act coming out of social media with zero accountability.

Do you wonder why the border surges are so intense and huge, and include nationals now of more than a hundred countries?  How did they get there?  Why do so many third-worlders in actual rising economies suddenly want to move here?  This didn't use to be the case in years past, when these countries were poorer, but now these surges are a way of life with Joe Biden in the saddle, inviting them in.  And why have the cartels themselves grown so powerful, now taking over ports and threatening our neighbor to the south?

Thank your local social media for all of that illegal activity, too, which makes it possible.  I wrote about those issues here and here.  And here.

So now we have social media at the nexus of mass lootings, and social media at the center of migrant surges and cartel empowerment.  What kind of operation is this?  Social media seem obsessed with censoring conservatives in the name of "fake news" or fact-checking, which it turns out is all opinion, as Facebook has admitted.  Meanwhile, America's cities are on fire, its shops are trashed, no one feels safe, the quality of life is going down, and illegal aliens are surging on in.  It's all got the same root and the same irresponsible enablers.  The elites running these outfits claim they are as upset as anyone else about the illegal activity their sites are promoting, but they never seem to do anything about it.  Meanwhile, they take refuge in Section 230, which protects them from liability from the kind of things that occur on their sites, and vigorously protest and lobby and hand cash to politicians to keep it that way.

It's a pretty obvious pattern of illegality and irresponsibility.  Anyone else who'd let a criminal group use a safe house or enable them to organize would be jail-bound, but not these guys.  Now it's getting obvious that social media are enabling this kind of new criminality.  Come 2022, Congress needs to take action to drop that outrageous protection and force these people to own their activity.  And any retailer who has been devastated by one of these looter mobs should be free to sue these social media barons who make this activity possible.

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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