We're being governed by imbeciles

A few weeks into Joe Biden's presidency, I had the following thought: how many articles, opinion pieces, and stories can be written and/or reported about one person's utter stupidity?  At some point, the sheer repetition of pointing out Scranton Joe's uselessness as a leader, speaker, role model, and human being would become background noise.  It's now just accepted that this man has no discernible virtues as a leader, no abilities that come to the fore, and is possibly the most annoying blowhard who has ever been in government.

None of this is a revelation to anyone who has been awake or had a television for the last 40 years.  I remember watching Biden grill Robert Bork in 1987 during Bork's Supreme Court nomination hearings.  I was just a kid, but I was struck by what an embarrassment this Biden guy was.  It's hard, but also easy to articulate Biden's incompetence.  It's hard because it's outside of the realm of our ability to reason.  It doesn't make sense that a country as advanced as the U.S. would have people in power who clearly have no discernible skills to be there.

Glitched Joe by Andrea Widburg.

It's true that As hire As and Bs hire Cs — meaning that people who operate at an A level try to surround themselves with the best available staff, even, or especially, if they're better at certain things than themselves.  They're not intimidated by smart, capable people.  But those who are Bs and lower look for staff who won't show them up.  They like to lord it over their underlings.  Their insecurities show in the people they hire.  Whom does a D-minus like Joe Biden appoint to make him look good?  Well, Kamala, for one.  And most of his Cabinet.  Biden's appointments are uniformly unimpressive, but they're also arrogant and full of themselves, despite their lack of ability or charm.

So who are the leaders of the most powerful nation on Earth?


Not a pretty sight, and not going to change soon.  But pointing this out can be helpful, even cathartic.  The pendulum will swing back eventually.  This too shall pass.

Until then, teach your children and any young people who will listen that America is still great, even if the current leaders are ghastly.  We will have better leaders again, and sanity will prevail.  Keep your sense of humor.  There's a lot to laugh at.  But it's a long battle.

Tim Mostert is the author of Know Your Nation USA.  He can be contacted at timmostert@gmail.com.

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