We now confront the classic circumstances that pose a serious risk of war, and no one is paying attention

We now confront the classic circumstances that pose a serious risk of war, and no one is paying attention.

The president and his party, in deep trouble as an electoral year looms, need to goose their support with something.  There's no possibility of that using any domestic issue, so they turn to old reliable: a fake foreign enemy, Russia, that needs little demonization because the U.S. military, intelligence agencies, and corrupt media never gave up their outdated, long baseless view of the war target as an enemy.

Plus, that faux enemy is hated by the Western woke left for its stubborn refusal to embrace the West's program of idiotic ideas and civilizational suicide.

Hence, America's gullible and inattentive public still sees it as the modern iteration of Stalin and Hitler.

In sum, a sweet little war with needlessly hated Russia is just the ticket for the Bidencrats.

And after COVID, the new Western public has shown it will swallow anything, if it comes from a leftist U.S. government, echoed ad nauseam by its Goebbels government-controlled media.

It's hard to think of anything about which Americans should care less than whether Russia's historical kissing cousin (half-sibling?) Ukraine is an independent corrupt kleptocracy or a de facto part of the great Russian corrupt kleptocracy.

The U.S. and NATO (sorry for the repetition) have been meddling provocatively in Ukraine, on Russia's border, for years since the Soviet collapse.  Our active participation in installing the present anti-Russian Ukraine government (deposing one that was elected) has substantially created the present crisis.  A pro-Russian government in Ukraine, which was at least nominally in place before the U.S.-supported ludicrously misnamed "Orange Revolution," in all probability would have averted the present crisis.  Very likely, Crimea would still nominally be part of Ukraine, with Russian access to its main naval base located there secure and intact.  All of this, in Russia's front garden, would be perfectly natural and a cause for concern to exactly no one.

Soon we will be hearing "Heute Ukraine, morgen die ganze Welt."  What nonsense.  A little history, especially in the minds of today's abysmally ignorant governing Democrats, is a dangerous thing.

The simple fact is, Putin doesn't want U.S./NATO troops on Russia's border any more than the U.S. would want Russian troops in Canada.  Big surprise.  It's shocking and immensely destabilizing that the U.S. and its European lapdogs for years have actually been discussing bringing Ukraine into NATO, which would mean NATO (i.e., U.S.) troops in Russia's front yard.  What pointlessly provocative folly!

Heavily armed militaries, loaded with sophisticated weaponry, need similarly equipped enemies.  Since America is rapidly becoming an economic colony of China, dependent on it for everything from computers to toilet paper, China can't serve the purpose.  Besides which, America's elites owe their unimaginably increased wealth to China, which, hence, must remain a friend, whatever occasional fake critical noises emanate from Washington.

So Russia will have to do.

This is highly dangerous and unnecessary madness.

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