We must have light to end these dark days

There's only one way we're going to win this war against COVID totalitarianism, and that is to shine the light — focused, brilliantly clear light — on the evil being done to us.  We live in the computer age, and we need to harness the power of our most brilliant scientists, programmers, and strategists to bring together those data and end this madness.  Our nation's existence depends on it.

What do I mean?  Consider what's happening right now.  South Africa's omicron (anagram: moronic) virus warnings, already abandoned in that country, have given our police statists an excuse to clamp down even harder on everyone.  Oakland, Boston, and other cities are spouting new vaccine passport mandates.  People are being terrified by...something that apparently acts like the common cold, causing fatigue, congestion, and a runny nose.  That is the power of widely broadcast misinformation, disseminated by officials, the complicit media, and the ever-aggressive censors in mainstream tech.

Come February 1, the last remaining city in my area that allowed dining out without a vaccine passport will start requiring one.  Passports will be required for museums, venues, and the gym, too.

I wrote just a few days ago about feeling as if I'm being put in a box, with barely enough air to breathe — and now, with the excuse of omicron terror, the walls are closing in even tighter.  Soon, those of us who do not comply with the mandate will be unable to live even a semi-normal (sadly, masked) life — unless we abandon morality, become like the leftists we loathe, and learn to cheat effectively.  Personally, I don't want to stoop that low.

The biggest problem with all this is that we have no infallibly credible, cohesive, and exact forum for compiling, sorting, and disseminating real information.  We're still in a situation in which, if you mention to someone that athletes are dying on the pitch in soccer-mad European countries and that there are official statistics to back it up, as James Stansbury documented just yesterday, MSM denials will instantly be thrown back in your face.  Mention the VAERS graph data that prove undeniable deaths from the "vaccine" straight from the government's own site, and the mention dies with a whisper.  Nothing to see here, folks!

Image: Sunlight and freedom.  Piqsels.

We need some tech geniuses to step up and start crunching worldwide data, and then present the whole picture, clearly, so everyone can see it.  Build the case as a forensic scientist should — or as a lawyer might, preparing for the case of a lifetime.  We have wonderful books and articles — Pandemia by Alex Berenson, RFK's expository book on Anthony Fauci, endless shout-outs by real scientists and doctors like Scott Atlas and Peter McCulloughAIER's constant battle to have real scientists heard (the Great Barrington Declaration has been out since October of 2020, signed and endorsed by over 60,000 doctors and scientists), but it's all just pieces of the whole.  Wherever there is some truth, there is as rapidly a smear article or ten, generated by the machine willing and able to squelch dissent from the narrow path they want us on.

Consider a few simple facts.  (But please note that I am not a doctor and am not recommending treatments; I'm just relaying publicly available information.)

Natural immunity has proven to be far better than "vaccine" immunity (and no, something that doesn't prevent one from getting the disease is not a vaccine!), but it's not ever been offered as a "valid" excuse for not taking the jab.

In countries that use it (India, Brazil) and in Florida, early treatment has proven that COVID can be conquered without universal vaccination — but that information is never shared.

Omicron hasn't killed anyone yet on its own.  Most cases are in vaccinated individuals.  A couple of people in the entire world have died "with" omicron, but nobody's elaborated on what else those couple of people had wrong with them.  And yet, we are basing more cancelations of life for our citizens on abject fear, a fear so pumped up by a constant barrage of alarmism by the MSM that, if you're not taking the time to really research, you will be terrified.

The bottom line is that this whole scenario we're living in has zero to do with health.  But as long as we stay willing to flounder and fail to take a positive stand with coherent and complete data, we are complicit in the destruction of our free society.  Let's have the people with the means and knowledge to change this paradigm come forward, now!  The rest of us can sign on to help, but we need the leadership of our moment's finest to get the job done!  Anyone?

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