Victimhood, the monster the Dems created

We all know the story of Dr. Frankenstein.  He created a monster that ended up killing him.  Frankenstein didn't intend to kill himself, but he initiated events that did.

Liberals are doing the same thing.  They've created a leftist political monster known as the Democrat party that morphed into socialism and will end up destroying them (or us).  It would be funny if it weren't so real and destructive to America.

Take the case of Jussie Smollett — a gay black actor who, last week, was found guilty of staging a hate crime against white people.  We know Jussie's story — at 2:00 A.M. on a bitter cold January night, he claimed that two MAGA cap–wearing white guys beat him up, placed a noose around his neck, and screamed, "This is MAGA country."  He was so traumatized that he wore the noose while telling the police his story.

It was a complete lie.  Jussie staged the ugly episode in order to race-blame white people.  The reason he thought he could get away with such a heinous lie is because that's how he, Democrats, and leftists think.  They believe that all white conservatives hate gays, especially black gays.  They believe that myth because Biden voters have accepted falsehoods for so long that they are no longer grounded in reality.  Hey Jussie, only your fellow Dems care about your race or your sexual preferences.  My proof?  You couldn't find two white guys to beat you up.  Instead, you had to pay two black guys $3,500 to stage your beating so you could claim "victim" status and gain leftist credibility.

Jussie's episode is a result of the "victimhood" monster created by Democrats.  An industry has developed around becoming a victim.  If someone can become a "victim," his sins are forgiven, and he's elevated to sainthood.  Colin Kaepernick is the perfect example; abandoned by his black father, given up for adoption by his white mother, and raised by a loving white couple, Colin claims victimhood status, has been anointed a hero, and has become wealthy.  LeBron James (multi-millionaire), Meghan Markle (millionaire princess), and Michelle Obama all claim to be victims.  Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson became wealthy by shaking down corporations over claims of victimhood.  What are all these privileged, black millionaires victims of?  White supremacy, racism, and being oppressed.  They use their "victim" status to elevate themselves.  As Candace Owens asks, I'd like Barack and Michelle to tell us which nanny, which gardener, which housekeeper, Secret Service agent, or chauffeur is oppressing you?  Name them, and I'll protest oppression alongside you.  "Please, Michelle, if your $70 million is oppression, give some of it to the rest of us, because we sure could use it."

Do all blacks think alike?  Do all women behave the same?  What about gays, Hispanics, whites, and Asians?  Is it bigoted and racist to lump all people of a certain ethnicity or sex together and demand they all believe and behave according to some predetermined groupthink?  The Democrat monster demands just that and excoriates anybody who doesn't accept the black victimhood "groupthink" as determined by them, or by Big Tech and Big Media.  Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas has refused to accept victimhood as the only form of blackness.  Larry Elder and Candace Owens are other examples.  Candace is a black woman who once resided on Plantation Victimhood, escaped, and now sermonizes against it.  Like an Islamic apostate, Thomas, Elder, and Owens are hated by those they expose.  In true leftist groupthink, there's nothing more noble or cleansing than to become a victim of white aggression, even if the aggression never happened.

Actually, many blacks are victims — victims of low expectations placed on them by a demonic, leftist culture; a culture that places more stock on being a victim than on achievement, a culture that rewards victimhood.  President George W. Bush called it the soft bigotry of low expectations.  So, not surprisingly, people like Kaepernick, Sharpton, and Stacey Abrams get wealthy off victimhood while others try to copy the same game.  If a black student studies, gets good grades, and achieves in school, he is accused of "acting white."  What kind of demented, sick mentality removes expectations of proper behavior and decency in order that they not achieve?  Instead, we have Plantation Victimhood that has removed expectations for blacks, especially black men, to achieve so they can be placed into the victim category.  This lack of expectations is the epitome of racism and why many black men are encouraged by leftists not to achieve in order to become a victim.

So, yes, Jussie is a victim — a victim of systemic racism that preaches that the only way to success is to blame someone else.

Image: Pixabay.

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