Tucker sounds the alarm on the Democrats' weaponization of the omicron variant

Tucker Carlson is always enjoyable, but sometimes he goes beyond being interesting and entertaining and makes points so profound that they deserve to be widely shared.  That's why I'm using this post to share with you Tucker's Wednesday-night monologue regarding the way the Biden administration is using the appearance of the omicron variant — which seems to be mild, at most — to continue its crackdown on American liberties.

Although the monologue starts off lightheartedly with a little riff about the Biden administration canceling Mozambique, although the small nation has no omicron problems (apparently all those African nations look the same to the Bidenites), it swiftly turns serious.  Tucker has clips of mainstream media talking heads speaking hysterically about the latest variant and follows that with reports about the new and interesting ways the administration is clamping down on individual liberties.  He's especially disdainful of the CDC's vast overreach.

During the monologue, Tucker makes the point that we're swiftly going down the path we've seen in parts of Australia.  He plays footage of breathless Australian reporters recounting how a massive manhunt caught three young men who escaped from an internment camp in which they'd been placed.  Sundance has a few more details, which he wrote before the men were recaptured:

Last week people were stunned to discover the Chief Premier of Australia's Northern Territory, Michael Gunner, had triggered an operation using the military to round up Aboriginal tribes and place them into a COVID quarantine facility called Howard Springs.

Premier Gunner became furious at people who questioned his decision and said the native Australians wanted to be in the camp. {Go Deep}  Well, early this morning three men scaled the wall in the Howard Springs quarantine camp and escaped.  Police are right now conducting a widespread manhunt for the escapees, all of whom tested negative for the virus.

The Darwin police are using helicopters, roadblocks and are conducting vehicle searches in order to recapture the men who Michael Gunner said "wanted to be in" the detainment and quarantine facility.  Something ain't adding up.

It's not adding up only if you consider liberty to be of paramount importance.  If control is the goal, everything makes sense.

Running alongside the police state in Australia is the propaganda state.  A friend sent me these truly bizarre videos of the paradise that the Australian government promises if people will just get with the program and get vaccinated:

It can't be a coincidence that the people in these videos look lobotomized.  I guess that's the kind of happiness you experience if you give up your personal autonomy so you're allowed to leave the COVID concentration camp.

What we're learning is that freedom is fragile.  Tucker's monologue is a loudly sounding tocsin reminding us that we have a small window of time within which to remind our governments that the United States is a constitutionally created democratic republic.  Liberty is the people's natural right, and the Constitution makes it powerfully clear that it cannot be unilaterally withdrawn by unelected bureaucrats and power-mad executives.

(If you prefer reading to watching, Fox News has published the transcript here.)

Image: Tucker Carlson.  Fox News screen grab.

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