Transgender swimmer reportedly brags that winning races is 'so easy I thought I was cruising'

To hear the transgender lobby tell it, men with innate and unalterable XY chromosomes can nevertheless be turned into XX women through manipulating their hormones and sometimes body-altering surgery, so pay no attention to superior male bone structure, original male hormonal development, or other things that make men uniquely male instead of female.  All a person's sex is comes down to is hormones and a knife.

That's prompted pretty well the end of women's sports, now that male athletes have come into women's sports and taken the prizes, while university and sports officials enable it in the name of political correctness.

The biggest and most obvious example is that of University of Pennsylvania swimmer "Lia" Thomas, formerly men's swim champ Will Thomas, who cynically seems to recognize what kind of game is going on.

According to Breitbart News:

Transgender University of Pennsylvania swim team member Lia Thomas taunted natural-born female opponents saying that beating them was "so easy I was cruising," according to one swimming team member.

The claim came from a second female swimmer who recently spoke out to Outkick. The woman told the site that Thomas, who competed on the male swim team for three years before turning up as a transgender woman, joked about how easy it was to beat all the natural-born women at swim meets.

"That was so easy, I was cruising," the woman said that Thomas boasted after a recent win. Thomas also reportedly said, "At least I'm still No. 1 in the country," in front of teammates.

The U Penn swimmer also said that coaches and university flaks told the girls that they are "strongly advised" not to talk about Thomas outside the school.

Turns out beating girls is easy if you're male.  It's that way in normal society, and it's especially that way in the world of political correctness, where transgender athletes are recognized by their preference, not their natural biology.  The transgender lobby has been working overtime to promote the laughable fiction that male athletes just work harder than natural-born female athlete and the people complaining are simply less competitive slackers.

Thomas is now likely to win all the prizes and scholarships and other benefits of being a student athlete, while the actual females on the team get the crumbs at best and often nothing.  The females can try as hard as they like, but they won't be able to beat him, and it's pretty clear that he knows it and they know it.  In any other kind of contest, that's known as rigging.

Now Thomas is reportedly bragging about it.  Oh, how easy it is to beat those teenage girls.

As this Washington Examiner op-ed puts it:

So it should come as no surprise that the transgender student is smashing records left and right now that Thomas is competing against women, who literally cannot compete physically. In the 1,650-yard freestyle final, for example, Thomas beat the second-best swimmer, Penn's Anna Kalandadze, by 38 seconds. That's like putting a teenage girl up against a 250-pound linebacker and expecting her to hold a block: She wouldn't even have a chance.

Linebacker, meet teenage girl.  Sounds legit.

The op-ed warns that the only way out of this would be for the entire Penn team to boycott any match where the "differently endowed" Thomas is competing.  That would take courage, given that cancel culture on campus is strong and athletes could lose their scholarships and endorsement deals.  It's either be demonized forever or be eternal also-rans.  One hopes enough of them pick the former anyway, given that Thomas is literally laughing at them now.

Image: U Penn, Twitter screen shot.

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