The show trial taking place in D.C.

Tucker Carlson was on fire Tuesday night, for he launched a scathing attack on the grotesque show trial taking place in the House of Representatives, ostensibly to expose the “truth” about the “insurrection” on January 6 but, in reality, to destroy political enemies and preempt Trump’s effort to regain the White House in 2024. To frame the attack, Tucker lit into Liz Cheney, and a more deserving target it’s hard to imagine.

The monologue opens with Tucker pointing out that, for unexplained reasons, Liz Cheney showed up in Manchester, New Hampshire, last month. Well, unexplained only if you don’t know that it’s the place people go when they’re investigating running for president.

To normal people, Liz Cheney’s constituency for a presidential run is a bit of a mystery. Trump supporters despise her and Democrats do too—although they’re perfectly happy to use her to attack Trump.

However, it seems that Cheney is raking in millions of dollars, so someone supports her. Tucker suggests that her supporters are political “dynamos” such as Mitt Romney, Lindsey Graham, and Jeb Bush. To Tucker, these are all neocons who live to get Americans involved in wars that kill and maim our sons and daughters without conferring any benefit on America. Looking back on the last 20 years, I must agree.

Image: Tucker righteously attacks Liz Cheney. Rumble screen grab.

From there, Tucker shifts to Cheney’s prominent role in the January 6 committee investigation into the events of that day. In that context, he points out something new in America, which is that our private communications are no longer private. If Congress wants our text messages, to heck with the Constitution. It gets our text messages.

Most recently, the committee got hold of various texts from Fox News hosts to Mark Meadows. Cheney read them out loud, apparently so lost in her own hatred that she missed the fact that the texts prove there was no conspiracy behind any “insurrection.” Instead, the texts show that Fox News hosts were shocked by what was taking place at the Capitol, as was Meadows, and that he assured them he was working with Trump to get a statement together against the violence.

I have only one quibble with Tucker’s takedown of the Soviet-style committee, which is his claim that we know all about what happened there and, whatever it was, it wasn’t an insurrection. In fact, we don’t know all about what happened there. The Democrats are refusing to release 14,000 hours of footage.

Given that what little footage they have realized shows (a) mostly elderly people milling respectfully through the Capitol, awed at being there, and (b) Capitol Police brutally beating protesters, there’s good reason to believe that there’s even more exculpatory evidence in Democrat hands that they’re making sure not to release. Only in this way can they justify this show trial and keep American citizens locked in prison, completely deprived of their Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Eighth Amendment rights.

It’s an excellent monologue, fact-filled and vicious towards people who deserve such viciousness:

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