The man with the sexiest voice in politics looks at the totalitarianism behind vaccines

Neil Oliver has the sexiest voice in conservative politics. It’s not a bedroom voice (so you guys need not shy away). It’s a husky Scottish accent making complete sense about the despotism that’s following in COVID’s wake.

A dear friend of mine in England who, like me, has become conservative as she sees the harm leftism has done to her country, first introduced me to Oliver’s videos because he’s such a remarkably clear thinker on the subject. And as I said, add in that accent and...well, it really helps sell his message.

Oliver’s latest video is a genuinely powerful rumination about the way in which European governments are seizing upon the vaccine as a vehicle for power. Even British conservatives are saying that they oppose mandates provided that people get the shots voluntarily. However, if people stop being agreeable about it, out come the guns. It’s a strange definition of “voluntary,” to say the least.

Of course, the politicians in Europe and England aren’t explicitly talking about guns but, inevitably, that is where these things end because the power that the government wields invariably comes down to guns. With guns, they can force you to get a shot. With guns, they can take your money from the bank. With guns, they can take your children from you. And with guns, they can put you in prison or “COVID camps.”

Currently, those promoting mandates claim that these shots are for “your own good.” They’re being loving, they say, when they push on you and your children a controversial shot that, while it may lessen symptoms in some (which is nice) does nothing to stop COVID’s spread. The reality, though, is that they are promising to aim a gun in your direction.

Image: Neil Oliver. YouTube screen grab.

And keep in mind that, in addition to forcing on people a vaccine that will not stop COVID’s spread and that is apparently ineffectual against omicron (not that it matters given that omicron seems mild), COVID has, on average, a mortality rate of less than 1%. The fact that politicians and leftists woven through the warp and woof of Western culture are willing to bring out the big guns to force on people a mildly beneficial shot for a disease with a mortality rate of less than 1% speaks volumes about liberty’s death in 2021.

What makes all this worse is that there is a growing body of evidence showing that, if we could treat the disease immediately, rather than delaying treatment until people are at death’s door, COVID would have an even lower mortality rate. Dr. Harvey Risch, a professor of epidemiology at the Yale School of Public Health and Yale School of Medicine, is clear that we could end the madness with early treatment on an outpatient basis, using hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, among other cheap, readily available, safe drugs.

The aggressive resistance to these treatments from the political, medical, media, and tech communities indicates that they’ve always had an agenda unrelated to health. While ordinary people want to get on with life in reasonable safety, the people with the big guns and the power over information (another big gun) have been relentlessly steering us in the direction of control—their control.

It’s easy to envision what’s happening if you think of a modern slaughterhouse. We no longer have the days of cruel facilities in which thousands of terrified animals were milling around surrounded by the stench of blood and death. Nowadays, humane slaughterhouses gently corral the animals in seemingly safe environments, all the while inexorably sending them down one pathway after another until, inevitably, the animals are funneled to the final pathway, the one that ends in death.

Put another way, if people had early, easy access to time-tested drugs, this would just be another flu. Instead, the world’s governments, all of which are getting as high on despotism as a junkie with glue, have their feet on the gas pedal, speeding toward totalitarianism. There is no excuse anywhere in the Western world for what our governments are doing to people.

And that’s what Neil Oliver, with that incredible accent, says. There’s good news, though, according to Oliver: We are finally seeing the world’s leftists (or, as they like to call themselves, “Democrats,” “liberals,” or “progressives”) red of tooth and claw. Such clarity may be frightening, but it’s helpful too, because there are more of us than there are of them, and our “no,” spoken in unison, will be thunderous.

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