The madness stops only when Fauci is stopped

On December 1, 2021, at a White House press conference, Tony Fauci was asked to comment about the "endgame" of COVID-19.  After blabbering nonsensically and unscientifically about the pre-eminent role of his beloved — and pathetically leaky — vaccines, Fauci finally proclaimed, "I promise you that this will end."

Needless to say, St. Anthony of Vaccinia didn't deign to tell us when it would end, and he scurried away from the lectern even before the barrage of follow-up questions could be fully hollered.

Talk about a cliffhanger.

Anthony Fauci, the diminutive egomaniac who declared, "I represent science," the éminence grise whom the hapless, befuddled Joe Biden only half-jokingly referred to as our real president, will not tell us when the COVIDiocy will end, because he knows the real answer: the madness stops only when he — Anthony Fauci — is stopped.

As long as Fauci has the ear of our benighted, demented president; as long as Fauci drives the multibillion-dollar endless-vaccine-by-subscription juggernaut; and as long as the amoral media and the Democrats cover for him, allowing them to punish the citizenry into total submission, the vicious lunacy that is our nation's existence under COVID will continue.

Fauci doesn't represent science any more than Bunsen Honeydew does.  However, Fauci is the linchpin to the whole "COVID forever" enterprise.  He is the cornerstone of that whole diseased, corrupt temple.

There are signs the tide is turning.  BeagleGate clearly shook Fauci — as it did his protector, the biblically hypocritical NIH chief Francis Collins.  However, it did so not because either one cares that their sadism was exposed, but because their phones were ringing off the hook with endless calls from angry citizens.  They know we are on to them.

Rand Paul and RFK Jr. cannot do it by themselves.  Every American who wants his country back, his civil liberties back, his life back needs to realize that Fauci must be removed from his position atop NIAID — ideally, in an orange jumpsuit — for any return to normal to occur.  People must scream this to their congressmen, their senators, to the press, to everyone who will listen, and even to those who will not.

You heard it here: in five or ten years, Fauci will be universally acknowledged as one of the most corrupt, despicable villains both in American political history and in the history of medicine.  He may prove to be the most prolific purveyor of human death since Pol Pot.  Read The Real Anthony Fauci if you think I exaggerate.

The problem is, our country cannot wait five or ten years.

Image: NIAID via Flickr, CC BY 2.0 (cropped).

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