The hunt for a GOP punching bag to succeed Meghan McCain on 'The View' isn't going well

The View, an ABC television talk show that targets low-information female voters, seems to be up a "crik" in its bid to replace its lone Republican, Meghan McCain.

According to Politico:

Nearly six months in, the show has yet to settle on a permanent replacement. And now, the longtime co-hosts — JOY BEHARWHOOPI GOLDBERG and SUNNY HOSTIN — are upping the pressure to pick a successor, and voicing their displeasure at having to introduce new guest hosts week after week in a seemingly endless process that they find disruptive to the flow of the show.

“Right now, we still do need a really conservative voice,” Hostin told New York Magazine in November. “And we need someone that’s not duplicative of anyone else on the panel.”

Really? Then why exactly are they rejecting anyone who supports Donald Trump? That's the sticking point -- they need to find someone who hates Donald Trump but who still claims to be a Republican for the cameras. They want a #NeverTrump and that's a vanishing breed.

So now they have a problem with their need to replace Meghan McCain. who was probably the only person out there who hated Trump, claimed conservative credentials and, based on her lack of talent, probably couldn't make more money anywhere else.

Yet the latter quit her gig on The View and apparently no one else wants to take her job at the hen party. That's despite a reported $3 million salary -- yet they still can't get anyone to sign on. They've run through one guest host after another and the cackling witches who populate the left-side of that production say they are getting sick of it.

Meghan McCain candidly noted that they did treat her badly, which isn't surprising, given that the coven of hags, stirring their pot together in a leftward direction, don't take well to outsiders.

It doesn’t help that there’s a perception that whoever sits in the conservative host slot is on borrowed time, with prominent Republican former co-hosts like NICOLLE WALLACE, ELIZABETH HASSELBECK, ABBY HUNTSMAN and McCain leaving the show with claims of being bullied by their co-hosts and ABC executives on-set and off, while veterans like Goldberg and Behar have thrived.

Sources said that the show was eager to recruit young libertarian KAT TIMPF, but she turned them down because of the show’s reputation for treating conservatives poorly and her contract with Fox. Timpf declined to comment to Playbook. Others have said that the show has a responsibility to fill the conservative chair with a strong Republican co-host ahead of the midterms if they are going to be a credible political talk show.

That's a lot of reports of meanness.

Might that production instill workplace civility rules the same as other places, given their nastiness to Republicans and repeated record of chasing them away? It would seem like common sense. The only problem with it is that these cackling crones would no longer be themselves anymore.

Nobody wants to be the punching bag anymore, apparently not even the #NeverTrump set.

Maybe their best course of action to this "The Lottery"-style entertainment is to just scrap it.

Having a daily human sacrifice with a collection of hags cackling together is probably the real reason leftists like and watch this travesty of a show, but it's no reason for any Republican to offer herself up. Not even for three million bucks. Not even for a ride on a broom.

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