The Evangelical Lutheran Church's first transgender bishop is being booted

Just three months ago, I wrote that the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America had appointed its first transgender bishop — in this case, Megan Rohrer, a woman who sliced off her breasts, kept her female name, and claimed to be a man.  Now Rohrer has been suspended for being a racist.  Live by woke political correctness; die by woke political correctness.

It was a big deal when Megan Rohrer, a woman who claims to be a man and insists on being referred to by the pronouns "they" and "them," was installed as the bishop of the Sierra Pacific Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America.  This was one of those "firsts" that simply thrill leftists.  Suddenly, the left had achieved the first transgender bishop.

My feeling about Rohrer is that the woman is a monster.  She has a child and had this to say about that poor, innocent thing:

"I have a trans child, for whom, if 'they' isn't used, will be in tears for days," Rohrer says. "That has given me the permission to be really public about it: 'Nope, you're going to use "they," because if you screw up with me, I'm going to have grace about it.' Letting people know my pronouns and my name is great."

For the Church, snatching biological reality from a child is not a problem, even though the Bible is very clear that God created men and women, not men, women, and it.  Nevertheless, while getting a pass for what amounts to blasphemy, Rohrer still managed to run afoul of the Lutherans for being inadequately woke about minorities:

A group promoting LGBTQ clergy in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America has suspended its first transgender bishop over allegations of "racist words and actions" involving the bishop's church area and the "Latinx community" in Stockton, California.

Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries said its board decided Dec. 16 "to suspend" Bishop Megan Rohrer's membership "in the ELM Proclaim community and events." The Proclaim program is, ELM says, "the professional community for Lutheran ministers and candidates, who publicly identify as queer."


ELM said Bishop Rohrer exhibited "an existing pattern of behavior" that doesn't fit with its goal of "being an anti-racist organization."

The group said the bishop's membership suspension "is not only a response to recent harm done … to the Latinx community in Stockton, CA," noting it came after Bishop Rohrer rebuffed an "invitation" to repair relationships ruptured by "the bishop's racist words and actions [that] have harmed members of the ELM staff, board, and community."

Read the rest here.

What's extremely frustrating is that the Lutherans are refusing to provide details about Rohrer's fall from grace.  (Considering that Rohrer was installed in San Francisco's Grace Cathedral, "fall from grace" seems like an extremely apropos phrase.)

In the absence of any specific details, your imagination can run wild.  My best guess is that the Latin Americans with whom Rohrer acted were a bit more conservative than White leftists when it came to Rohrer's announcement that she knew better than God and had abandoned entirely the whole notion of biological sex.

Image: Megan Rohrer.  YouTube screen grab.

Or perhaps Rohrer insisted on calling her parishioners "Latinx," even though only 4% of Hispanics like that bastardization of Spanish's gendered words.

Or maybe Rohrer had to speak strongly when those same parishioners discovered that she was sexualizing a child in her care by encouraging that child to be an it, just like Mommy.

For decades, the Democrats have cultivated an obsession with people's race, sexual orientation, and "gender identity."  People aren't Americans; they're hyphenated Americans (African-American, Chinese-American, etc.).  People aren't their names and unique attributes; they're defined first and foremost by their sexual orientation (gay, lesbian, straight, bi) or their "gender identity" (transgender, cisgender, and all the other nonsense terms they've invented).

When you define people solely by external attributes, you're going to run into two specific problems: first, people will inevitably misuse terms, a simple mistake that leftists nevertheless characterize as actual violence.  Hurt feelings follow.

Second, because leftists are so obsessed with those attributes, if they want to insult someone, their first choice of words for doing so will almost invariably focus on those external attributes, as will the response to their racist, homophobic, or "transphobic" insults.  Thus, if "José" offends a so-called transgender person, the slight won't be José's.  It will be universalized to his whole racial group.  These things become ugly very quickly.

I shouldn't gloat about Rohrer's downfall.  She's obviously a very troubled woman.  Still, to the extent she wanted to make her mental illness a norm in America and is doing bad things to her child...well, I'm going to gloat.

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