The Biden presidency has made us vulnerable to our enemies

For over 100 years, the United States was viewed by the rest of the world as the protector of the weak, defender of the oppressed, and an economic giant that led the free world to defeat the fascist regimes of Germany and Japan and later caused the former Soviet Union to collapse under our economic and military might.  But in a frightening mere ten months, under the current bumbling Biden regime, we are now viewed as a powerless, aimlessly floating ship, adrift and captainless.  Our outspoken enemies, China, Iran, and Russia, see this clearly and are moving quickly to take advantage of our now obvious-to-all vulnerability.  Sadly and to our shame, those nations who once proudly looked up to us, following in our footsteps to fight oppression, now have second thoughts about our capability to lead.  We are in deep doo-doo.

China, a vast, fascistic, military, and economic imperial giant, currently threatening the takeover of Taiwan, is now simultaneously making inroads into the Atlantic.  Not only does it control the vital Panama Canal, but also the Wall Street Journal reports that the Chinese are now negotiating with the west African country of Equatorial Guinea to set up a naval base on its shore, making it a two-ocean threat to our national security.  Undoubtedly, the Chinese, with their economic clout, will bribe the corrupt leaders of this poverty-racked nation to permit its modern, aggressive warships to sail the Atlantic.  They will rule that ocean.

Putin, as of this writing, is massing nearly 200,000 troops ready to invade Ukraine again.  He means business, and he knows Biden all too well.  During Biden's term as vice president to Obama back in 2014, Putin invaded that nation and took over Kiev, with our nation shamefully standing by, merely "arming" the Ukrainians with packaged food and warm blankets.

Image: Joe Biden (edited in befunky).  YouTube screen grab.

Today's Russia, thanks to Biden's making us once again dependent on foreign energy supplies by shutting down our Keystone XL and other sources of energy that we exported, has left Europe leaning on Russia for its gas and petroleum sources, crippling Europe's military or economic response to come to Ukraine's aid.  Many think it was no accident that Biden supported the Russian oil pipeline into Germany.  Putin will rule Europe.

And Iran now seems, under Biden's weak-kneed presidency, to rule our Middle East policy.  Our president is begging that the Islamist state accept our apologies for Trump's "rudely" leaving the Iranian/Obama nuclear deal and to return to it, giving them the green light to become a weaponized nuclear nation.  And when Israel and the other signers of the Abraham Accords become the first victims of the mullahs' mushroom cloud, will Biden's aides awaken him from his afternoon nap to inform him?  They will rule the Middle East.

The weak, ineffectual, most-probably-criminal Joe Biden, thanks to his actions and appointments to key positions, has made this nation vulnerable to its outspoken enemies.  It's clear that our leadership role in the world has become nonexistent, making it a snap for our adversaries to have easy pickings on the victims they choose.  We should reasonably fear we may be in line to become one of the prey on their list.  Will we survive Biden's term in office?

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