The Biden administration kicks Israel in the gut

In a vulgar act denying not only established history, but the foundational characteristics of the two major Western faiths, the United Nations believed that it could rewrite the past.  It voted to change the Temple Mount to a Muslim holy site and deny the historic relationship, found in both the Pentateuch and the Gospels, between Jews and Jerusalem.  Jerusalem appears by name 806 times in the Jewish and Christian Bibles and additional times by reference.  It appears not once in the Koran.

Jews had been living in Jerusalem for thousands of years and Christians for six centuries before the first horseman rode out of the Arabian desert and placed it under Islamic rule.  But what is history compared to a vote in an international body dominated by tyrants and kleptomaniacal dictators?  Their perfidy is not surprising.  There are more Muslims in the world than Jews.  Tyrants and dictators might not understand history, but they do know how to count.

What should anguish Jews, especially American Jews, is not the vote, for the U.N. can change neither history nor the foundations of the Judeo-Christian ethic, but the behavior of the Biden administration.  In the face of evil, the Biden administration summoned the courage to abstain, as did Britain.  For Britain, one of only two governments in the world — the other being Pakistan — that once recognized Jordan's conquest of the eastern half of Jerusalem, it was a step up.  For America, it was another betrayal of the Jewish people that American Jews will choose to ignore.

For most American Jews, being a Democrat is more important than being Jewish.  I grew up in a household where, had there been a picture of God and a picture of Franklin Roosevelt, Roosevelt's picture would have elicited greater reverence.  This is the same bigoted Roosevelt whose Department of State willfully, callously, and maliciously dabbled in pretend conferences about rescuing European Jews while they were being murdered.

David Wyman's award-winning The Abandonment of the Jews should have settled the issue of Roosevelt's anti-Semitism.  But any Jewish Democrat with the intellectual ability to conduct a Google search will find the peripheral rejections of Wyman and showcase them as important.

Of course, had David Wyman never written a word, there was more than sufficient evidence of Roosevelt's anti-Semitism and Asian phobia.  As a member of Harvard's board of directors, Roosevelt helped institute a quota restricting Jews.  When pogroms erupted in Poland in 1938, Roosevelt opined that Jews were responsible for pogroms.  When North Africa was liberated, Roosevelt wanted Jews to be removed from the professions that they overrepresented to "eliminate the specific and understandable complaints which the Germans bore toward the Jews in Germany."  And were these not sufficient examples, there was the unforgettable and unforgiveable handling of the S.S. St. Louis, a ship loaded with Jewish refugees that the administration prevented not only from disembarking, but also from being resupplied.  It was sent back to Germany.

Roosevelt's Asian phobia manifested itself in the incarceration of West Coast Japanese American citizens, many of whose sons fought with exceptional valor for America in the war in Europe.  Even J. Edgar Hoover advised against the incarceration of Japanese-Americans, and if incarceration was so important to national security, why weren't Japanese-Americans in more vulnerable Hawaii incarcerated?

Harry Truman supported the creation of a Jewish state and then embargoed arms to it, knowing that the Arabs who threatened another genocide were fully armed.

Apart from Roosevelt, no president has exhibited more anti-Semitism than Barack Hussein Obama, a man raised by a Muslim stepfather and who, as a child, spent years in madrassahs.  During the war with Gaza, Obama cut off landing rights to commercial airliners flying into Israel, something done to neither Syria nor Afghanistan, where there were greater issues of public safety.

Former Israeli ambassador to the United States Michael Oren published Ally: My Journey across the American Israeli Divide, where he detailed the growing antipathy between Obama and Israel, a hostility that resulted in calculated slights against Israel's prime minister and diplomatic mission.  

But greater threats came as the Obama administration publicized Israel's secret airbases in Azerbaijan and declassified a report on Israel's nuclear program.

If one wanted precedent for President Biden's U.N. behavior, it is found in another deliberate affront by the Obama administration.  In a departure from 40 years of vetoing resolutions declaring Israel's settlements illegal, the Obama administration, as a parting kick to Israel's groin, abstained on a harsh resolution condemning all Israeli settlements as illegal, even in so-called, "East Jerusalem," which itself is a fictional creation.  There is Jerusalem.  There is historically no such place as East Jerusalem.  

In abstaining on historical effrontery, the Biden administration has marched in lockstep with its predecessor.  It has continued the anti-Semitic tradition that Franklin Roosevelt imbued in the Democratic Party and that blossomed brightly under Obama.

But then, as Democratic pundits say, "F--- the Jews.  They'll vote for us anyway."

Abraham H. Miller is an emeritus professor of political science, University of Cincinnati, and a distinguished fellow with the Haym Salomon Center.

Image: Pixabay.

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