Texas AG says 'transgender' genital mutilation is a form of child abuse

In Texas, Attorney General Ken Paxton is prepared to fight the practice of using opposite-sex hormones and surgeries on children with "gender dysphoria."  He recently said, "We actually have started an investigation into looking at companies that sell, manufacture and distribute these puberty blockers because we think there are serious issues affecting a minor's body at that age."  Paxton, referring to the procedure as "child abuse," added, "Providing puberty blockers to young teens puts them at risk of infertility, heart attack, stroke, and other health concerns."  Meanwhile, the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services has issued guidance that also categorizes "genital mutilation" as child abuse.

What kind of a nation have we become when we need legislation to keep parents from having their kids surgically and chemically altered in a doomed attempt to change their sex?  Hearing mothers and fathers say their little Johnny wants to become Janey because they saw him playing with a doll is a stunning example of the need for parental education.  If your eight-year-old becomes fascinated with the animals at the zoo, and decides to climb the fence into the lion's cage, do you give him a boost?

Sadly, there are some parents who will use their children to advance their own radical notions of sexuality.  Kids become lab experiments for those parents who blithely succumb to the whims of left-wing orthodoxy, rather than protect them from the degeneracy that has corrupted our culture.  What does a child know about the complexity of his genetic structure?  Moreover, are children capable of understanding the ramifications of altering the natural processes that gave them life?

Even the most casual observer of history would admit that the notion of sex-obscuring surgery would have been viewed as an abomination only a few decades ago.  It's one thing to see men and women cross-dressing as an expression of a whimsical fantasy during a comedy skit, but when it begins to take a prominent role in our society, we should view it as an aberration, not as a roadmap.

Let's face it: when you look at Bruce Jenner, wearing a short skirt, high heels, and long blonde tresses, do you really see a woman?  Or, unless your perception has been totally distorted by the constant barrage of Hollywood hedonism on steroids, isn't it true that what you're actually seeing is a man wearing women's clothing?

Some of the most famous comics of the past would dress as women and prance around the stage to the uproarious laughter of their audiences.  The legendary Milton Berle, who dominated television in the 1950s as "Uncle Miltie," did a famous cross-dressing routine as "Auntie Mildred."  A couple of decades later, the great comic, Flip Wilson, dominated the Nielsen ratings with his feminine doppelganger known as "Geraldine."  The reason audiences found those comedy routines so hilarious was the absurdity of seeing men prancing around as women.  It wouldn't have been the least bit funny if those men had publicly stated that they truly believed in switching sexes.  Of course, that was a time in which we weren't being inundated daily with a far-left propaganda machine that would be the envy of Joseph Goebbels.

It's one thing for adults to engage in fanciful notions of "gender" impairment, but it's quite another to impose those ideas on their naïvely impressionable and preadolescent progeny.  A parent's role is not to submit to every impulse emanating from the frontal lobe of a brain in the early stages of logical reasoning.  On the contrary, that's when a parent's guidance is most needed.  Capitulation to childhood capriciousness is an abdication of the role as parent.

Hopefully, the Texas A.G.'s attention to this irrational stain on our culture will lead to legislation that will prevent future incongruities.  Then, all it will need is Governor Abbott's signature, and we may be on the road back to a time when childrearing was not sacrificed on the altar of leftist folly.

Image via Pxhere.

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