Spite: Joe Biden would rather let border wall materials rot on the ground than sell them to Texas

Joe Biden doesn't want to build a border wall. We all know that he says as much and that he's been captured by the vast open borders industrial complex. 

One problem for Joe, though: That dereliction of duty has driven his poll numbers straight into the toilet. His public approval is falling, with disapproval of his handling of the border crisis now at an all-time high. Longtime Democrat Hispanic strongholds in south Texas are now turning red, and the illegals are surging on in. 

Amazingly, he has the wherewithal to fix that problem, but not the brains.

He's got a partially built border wall in possession now, and a lot of building materials for it, paid for by U.S. taxpayers for millions of dollars, rotting on the ground, like this is some third-world country that ran out of cash before finishing its project.

Instead of fixing that, and quietly selling the materials to someone else who will finish the wall, he's creating problems:

Here's what Fox News's formidable border correspondent, Bill Melugin, is hearing:

So not only does he not want the wall, the most effective instrument there is for stopping the border surge, he also doesn't want anyone else to build the wall, either. That's like abusive boyfriend behavior, which I wouldn't put past Joe with his sex-harassing and worse history.

As a result, the surge is worse than ever.

Off the charts now?

Yes, and for the world's most odious criminals, the cartel human-smuggling rackets, business has never been better: 

They're pulling in five-figure smuggling "fees" from well-heeled would-be illegals in a market signal of supply and demand. Seems there aren't enough cartel criminals to "service" the illegals until the Border Patrol can take care of them and send them onto their destinations of choice in the states, so their prices are going up:

Texas, which sees the first of the blasting-spout, not the last trickle, is taking action to halt the migrant surge, building its own wall now, since the feds, on orders from Biden, won't do it:

It makes sense since the surges are bringing in COVID from unvaccinated migrants, causing food shortages in border towns, overwhelming social services agencies and non-government organizations, and destroying the quality of life of the local residents who live there. Even legitimate cross-border traffic, which is critical to the economies of these towns, has been disrupted.

Yet Biden is so petty and spiteful he refuses to sell that huge public relations problem he has of paid-for wall-construction materials rotting on the desert floor for all to see. He could easily get rid of that problem by quietly selling the stuff off to Texas, and letting them build the border wall, a project that would benefit him politically as much as it will the people of Texas. But he'd rather let himself sink than see anything done about the border surge.

To Joe Biden, these places are just a doormat for some kind of bigger Democrat plan to Bring Them In. This stunt with the rotting materials pretty well now stands as a reminder of just how spiteful Joe can be.

Image: Twitter screen shot

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