Socialist crook running Argentina praises Jen Psaki's grasp of inflation

When the leftist clowns running Argentina starts praising you for your monetary chops, maybe it's time to change course.

This actually happened:

Here's the Google Translate:

Listen to it carefully. [Psaki] is not Argentine and much less a Peronist. She is the spokesperson for the US Government explaining the reason for the increase in prices, especially meat, that American consumers also suffer. "The greed of the meat conglomerates." Plop!

Kirchner was referencing a comment made by White House spokeweasel Jen Psaki, who blamed inflationary rises in meat prices on the "greed" of corporations rather the hard Economics 101 fact that inflation is a problem of too much money in the system (which can be brought on by monster government spending) chasing too few goods in the economy. "Inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon..." as Milton Friedman taught in that fierce unyielding way of his.

Now, according to Joe Biden himself, "Milton Friedman isn't running the show anymore." All we can say is: 'doh.'

Biden's was an unintentionally true statement given the Argentina-like inflation that its adminstration brought us. Argentina's crooked leaders think that's a great thing if for nothing else, cover for their own lies: 'Look everyone, Gringo says it and does it, too.' But it certainly doesn't make Friedman's ideas wrong. Joe's problem is that the Friedman's ideas remain true even if he's not here to say something about it.

It should be telling as heck that that the Biden administration now has the praise of the clowns running Argentina who rejected Friedman's ideas years ago. The results speak for themselves.

Argentina is currently running a 51.2% annual inflation rate, the culmination, as the linked chart shows, of 3%, 2%, 4% type inflation pops per month, not all that different from the kind of supposedly minor rises we see in the states. Let it go on and on and it adds up to one of the highest inflation rates in the world.

It's the work of the country's leftist government which can't take its hands off the money-printing presses, printing up cash for big government programs that can't be absorbed by the productive private sector. Sound familiar? That creates inflation and currency devaluation and the net result is that the private sector shrivels. Inflation in the 51% range has made the lives of ordinary Argentinians a living hell, which is why its leaders find in Joe such a common soul.

The Biden administration, via Jen Psaki, has attempted to claim that such results are all the product of private sector greed, instead of all the money-printing they are doing on the Argentine model. She'd like to gaslight us into thinking that greed somehow only exists in inflation-wracked countries on Joe's and Cristina's watches. The Argentine leaders do that too. Misery loves company.

Who is this Argentinian bozo tweeting in Spanish who's praising Psaki? None other than Cristina Fernandez Kirchner, rabid leftist, failed ex-president of Argentina, probable killer of inconvenient people, and former first lady of Argentina who featured her Imelda-like love for wine and shoe shopping in Oliver Stone's useful dictators-up-close documentary, "South of the Border."

This video snippet from that hints at her Imelda-like obsession with shoes, but I don't see the part where she's sipping wine in her luxury quarters and discussing her closet as something about "being a woman" or the like. I'd post it if I did, I saw the movie three times.

Speaking of greed...

I've featured her in pieces here and here to give you the flavor of who she is. Here's how she got her perch in power, (Kamala-like and giving Obama ideas). Here's her knowledge of economics. Even Hillary Clinton as President Obama's secretary of state dispatched someone to fly down to Buenos Aires to find out if she was sane, according to Wikileaks.

Now she's praising Joe Biden and Milton Friedman is conveniently dead enough not to blast him.

If Joe Biden thinks that somehow justifies his now-runaway inflation, he's more lost than anyone ever thought. Getting praise from the wretched socialist idiots running Argentina over inflation of all things is an indictment, not a feather in the administration's cap. It's proof positive of Biden's Argentina-grade incompetence.

If blaming "greed" is how Joe plans to fix inflation, all we can say is, he'll bring the same disastrous result as Argentina's leftist leaders have to their own country. That ought to be a flashing signal to change course given the ditch they are driving America into, but it's not. When the world's most miserable economic failures are praising you instead of the world's best economists, we can only hope that the voters will pay attention.

Image: Ministerio de Cultura de la Nación (de Argentina) // CC BY-SA 2.0

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