So what if Kamala Harris becomes president?

President Kamala Harris.  When the prospect is raised, people of either political party shudder.  But President Harris may be coming to a theater near you.

President Joe Biden is a faltering soul.  His unfortunate state is not due to overwork (First Lady Jill claims Joe toils for the country 24/7).  No, Joe falters due to early entry into old age.

Joe strains mightily to read a teleprompter.  His handlers tell him to just read the damn words and don't insert any of his own.  Joe faithfully complies.  With squinting eyes and monotone voice, he recites every word scrolled.  Including "end of quote."

Contrast the present Joe with the Joe of a mere two years ago.  In the second video at the link, also note the shifty nastiness of the woman who is now V.P., and the woman in white who so deftly skewered her.  Also see why Jill hates Kamala.

One morning we will may wake to learn that Joe has joined the dearly departed.  Crocodile tributes and tears will flow from the Democrat elite, but they will regret Joe's passing mainly for what the cat now drags in.  And there is nothing the elite can do about it.

Kamala Devi Harris does not need confirmation by Congress or a ruling by the Supreme Court to assume the presidency.  The Constitution automatically raises her to that office.  The instant Joe goes to his reward, she is in.  Period.

Imagine the terror of those who have conspired to remove her from the vice presidency.  Ditto for the wider bunch who have relentlessly humiliated and dissed her.  Kamala has certainly been taking names, and soon comes the part about kicking butts.  Many derrières will fly.

Kamala is regarded as a lightweight.  However — this lightweight is not mentally or physically impaired like her boss.  She is 57, healthy, and brimming with plenty of naked ambition.  She don't need no stinking handlers, either. 

By hook or by Willie Brown, she made it to the U.S. Senate.  By hook or by race-based politics, she made it onto the presidential ticket.  Kamala may lack competence, judgment, focus, etc., but she does not lack self-serving ruthlessness.  (Put an "l" at the end of her middle name, just saying.)  Kamala will do what Kamala needs to do to advance her career. 

That career has always steered toward the main prize: the presidency of the United States (don't need no spot on the Supreme Court).  President 47 or bust.

So.  With Joe's passing, Kamala Harris gains her heart's desire.  Now what?

Option 1: Attempt to achieve the fundamental transformation of America that Obama and Biden could not.  Join FDR and LBJ as presidents that, for better or worse, permanently altered American society.

Option 2: Win the 2024 election.

Kamala has enjoyed a front row seat at the death spiral performance of the Biden administration.  This collection of nincompoops — which repeatedly pushed her into no-win roles — has provided a sterling education on what not to do.  Every leftist policy implemented by this bastardized version of the Obama gang has harmed the country and increased the president's unpopularity.  Kamala might not care much about the first outcome, but she sure does the second.

President Harris could blindly double down on these failed policies.  She could turn the screws on America even worse than Biden.  In the depths of her heart, she might truly believe that the left way is the best way.

Her brain (she does have one) would tell her staying the progressive course for now will lead to electoral disaster.  She could exceed George McGovern's loss in 1972.  She doesn't want that as her legacy, or shoving Biden out of the Worst President Ever slot.  

Look for expediency to trump ideology.  Put your money on Option 2.

Kamala certainly is aware of the 1992 dictum of James Carville: "It's the economy, stupid."  Throughout American history, with mainly wartime exceptions, the state of the economy has determined if an incumbent president gets a second term.

Task number one for Kamala, even before kicking derrières, will be to mend the inflation-ravaged economy.  She doesn't need the help of Congress.  What Joe has done, Kamala can undo.

By executive order Kamala can goose domestic energy production.  She can reinstate Trump's (make the sign of the cross) order to kill two regulations for each one added.  Throw in revoking the mask and vaccination mandates.  Nor would it hurt to declare full support for law enforcement and order the Justice Department to apply the RICO statutes to smash-and-grabbers and carjackers.  And she can veto any version of the Build Back Better bill that reaches her desk.

The AOC-Bernie crowd would scream bloody murder.  But the vast majority of Americans would applaud and sigh with great relief.  Kamala's abysmal poll numbers would take off like a Saturn V rocket.  President Harris would be on her way to victory in 2024.  (Once elected, she is free to pursue whatever agenda she pleases.) 

So.  In the tense months to come, will President Pooper hang on?  Or will President Cackles get the last laugh?

PS: Whom might Kamala nominate as her vice president?  Michelle Obama, Stacey Abrams of Georgia, Muriel Bowser of D.C., and Cory Booker of New Jersey come to mind.  Or Larry Hogan, the innocuous governor of Maryland, could climb aboard as a unity pick.  For sure it will not be Jill Biden or Tulsi Gabbard.  Kamala, of course, could leave the office vacant and free of a potential rival.

Image: GPA Photo Archive via Flickr, public domain.

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