So much for 'the tragedy of the treadmill delayed' in supply chain crisis — FDA warns of 100 vital drug shortages

Over at the White House, the ongoing supply chain fiasco, which has left dozens of cargo ships stranded near West Coast ports awaiting offloads, is considered something of a joke.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki came under fire on Tuesday after joking that it's a "tragedy" some people may have to wait longer for their treadmill to arrive amid the supply-chain crisis that has disrupted global economies.

"The tragedy of the treadmill delayed," Ms. Psaki laughed when pressed about the supply-chain crisis during her daily press briefing.

Well, now we're learning what's really going on here from JustTheNews:

More than 100 pharmaceutical drugs are facing supply chain shortages, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned.

Drugs currently listed as "in shortage" by the FDA include antidepressants, antibiotics, heart medicines, cancer-fighting drugs, and pain killers.

"The FDA continues to take steps to monitor the supply chain," the federal agency wrote.


Wow.  Millions of Americans rely on these life-saving drugs and medicines to keep them alive, and somehow the Bidenites don't seem too alarmed.  They're convinced that it's just yuppies in upscale suburbs who are upset about the supply chain, which means not getting their treadmills on time.  And in any case, there aren't any supply chain shortages if you listen to Joe Biden himself.

JustTheNews adds this:

Last week, Just the News reported that President Joe Biden "said the supply chain is in 'very strong shape' ahead of the holiday season."

"Because of the actions the administration has taken in partnership with business and labor, retailers and grocery stores, freight movers and railroads, those shelves are going to be stocked," Biden said.

Nothing about the cancer and heart patients who need life-saving drugs on an immediate or time-controlled basis or they won't make it.  Nothing about the patients who can just live in constant pain now that the pain meds are sitting in some cargo ship off some port twiddling their thumbs.

Just be happy about all the toys and treadmills.

The FDA blames COVID restrictions for the supply chain issues, which is likely partly true, given the wide inhuman scale of them in the rapidly diminishing pandemic.  Maybe some reconsideration can be given to the cancer patients in this COVID prevention über alles regime.  The proportions are way, way, out of whack.

But that's a pipe dream.  The White House now has a transportation secretary who still seems to be on paternity leave but in no need of post-birth pain meds for the matter, so all's hunky-dory.  Biden has also appointed a supply chain czar, given that the transportation secretary isn't quite up to the job, whose only move thus far has been to extend hours for port operations, a move that thus far has had just minimal impact.  Target and other big retailers have managed to get the toys onto the shelves, reportedly by commissioning their own flights, no thanks to Biden.

The makers of vital drugs?  All we know is that the shortages are upon us and the FDA is giving the warning about it.

It's shocking, really.  Missing drugs are the sort of thing that happens in Haiti and Venezuela, not the United States of America, where all manner of miraculous drugs for every ailment are normally available and accessible.  That so many manufacturing operations for these drugs have moved overseas is rather worthy of some serious assessment, but no such action is coming now from the Bidenites.

When patients start dying from these medical shortages, the White House will undoubtedly try some more mockery and gaslighting.  But it's getting clearer than ever that a change is needed, starting in 2022 and finishing in 2024.

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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