San Francisco restaurant that ordered cops out is poster child for the local wokester idiocy

To get a sense of how a beautiful city like San Francisco could first elect a crazed leftist like Chesa Boudin, and then find itself mired in car burglaries, home break-ins, shopliftings, and smash-and-grab organized lootings, get a load of this pair if you haven't already heard of them:

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — A trendy San Francisco restaurant is explaining its decision to turn away and deny service to three on-duty police officers. ...

According to chef and co-owner Rachel Sillcocks, restaurant staff grew uncomfortable by their presence and asked the officers to leave, which they did.

Sillcocks said the decision to turn the officers away had nothing to do with who they were, but over the fact that the officers were armed.

"It's not about the fact that we are anti-police," she said in an exclusive interview with ABC7 News. "It is about the fact that we do not allow weapons in our restaurant. We were uncomfortable, and we asked them to leave. It has nothing to do that they were officers. It has everything to do that they were carrying guns."

Apparently, they were still so "uncomfortable" with the police in their establishment that they forgot that San Francisco is a city that's inundated by armed robberies and mass lootings, which are now reaching into the wealthy areas.  Unless they'd like to pay for private patrols as the people of the nearby Marina district do, or simply carry guns themselves, the cops are the people to go to if they need help.  Just ask the high-end merchants of Union Square, who are crying for cops.

But they didn't.  They actually turned cops, who would have been paying customers, away.  Restaurants the world over are famous for welcoming cops to their establishments.  Some give free food or discounts.  This is how the cop-and-donut legends got started.  Others do it to ensure that cops will always come if there's a problem.  Customers find the presence of police comforting historically, the same way anyone would if there was a wildfire in the area and the fire truck decided to park in one's driveway, as happened to my sister during the big Bonsall "Lilac" fire a couple of years ago.  When she saw the gargantuan CalFire truck parked at her residence on the nightly news, even with the sky red and the front-yard palm tree on fire, she knew it was going to be OK, and it was.  It's natural.  But not to these guys.

For them, it was still the palmy summer of 2020, when leftists everywhere dismissed rioting and looting of shops in low-class or flyover areas as someone else's problem.

The address of this establishment is 701 Union Street, which is 1.2 miles north and uphill from Union Square, which is, if anything, an even ritzier commercial street of San Francisco.  Residential parts are known as billionaire alley based on all the old money and tech billionaires who have moved to this and the nearby streets.  It's not far from the Marina and North Beach, and many establishments in the area have utterly spectacular views of the Golden Gate Bridge.  Gavin Newsom once ran a restaurant in this area.  Nancy Pelosi lives just west of it.  A pancake breakfast at this establishment will set you back about $55.

For this pair, Rachel Sillcocks and Kristine Compton, it's all about being woker-than-thou to cast the cops out.  In an earlier justification for their decision, one of the Hilda & Jesse owners explained that their restaurant is meant to be a "safe space" for the gay community and BIPOC people, which means "black, indigenous, and people of color."  Opening a $50 pancake place on lily-white Union Street is a hell of a way to live those supposed values.  This piece here suggests they hunted and hunted for something in this vicinity until they got just the right place.  If you want to champion people "of color," but not actually serve them, this is the way to do it.

What's amazing here is that they seem to think they're invulnerable and will never need a cop in their establishment.  Their primary claim was that the cops were armed, but that's specious, given they trust other professionals who have what could be weapons — such as their own chefs with kitchen knives.  The cops can be trusted with weapons because they are cops.  The other people who have weapons, such as looters, who have guns, crowbars, knives, fists, and cars, don't seem to figure in their concerns.  This kind of stupidity is what breeds Chesa Boudin voters.

Things have since moved on since 2020, though, and now it's organized smash-and-grab looters with no stated politics and district attorneys who carry the politics for them, under the Soros-influenced rubric of "ending mass incarceration" and "social justice."  The lootings are out of control now, and fancy restaurants are not exempt.  Just yesterday, a different San Francisco restaurant, RT Rotisserie, got sacked and trashed, with its cash register emptied out, by organized looters.

Restaurants most certainly are being robbed in San Francisco, with high-end ones especially vulnerable.  Cash registers can be emptied, sure.  But staff are being assaulted and occasionally killed, too.  Places have also been vandalized and burned.  What's more, patrons of these establishments are vulnerable, and not just from car break-ins while they dine.  In ritzy Beverly Hills, patrons at fancy restaurants have been mass-robbed by organized criminals with no fear of the law — their Rolexes, purses, cell phones, jewelry, some pretty frightening stuff.  For that reason alone, any reasonable patron should avoid an establishment that has alienated the police.  Another problem is that one restaurant in an area making itself attractive to criminals by ousting the police not only gets word out to looters of the easiest place to rob but puts the other restaurants in the area in jeopardy as organized thieves frequently make heists on groups of establishments.  Another problem still, for the owners, at least, is that dine-and-dash diners now know where their best prospects are.

Not surprisingly, that's what's on San Franciscans' minds, and the restaurant got scored on Yelp, Twitter, Instagram, and any other place where they had an internet presence.  On Yelp, there were more than 1,000 negative reviews, many from local San Franciscans and Bay Area denizens.

Here's a sample from just the Yelp reviews:

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The restaurant, to its credit, apologized — not a perfect apology, but a reasonably good one.  If you were a cop in uniform, you probably would graciously accept it but dine elsewhere.  The damage is done.  What the pair needs to be doing is holding cop appreciation day or offering free food to the cops (easy, because the cops there are not allowed to accept it based on the rules I know of.  They can't even take free coffee.).  They've got a heckuva lot of problems to repair now based on their blind-mice wokeism and the fallout they've brought on themselves.

Image: Yelp, screen shot.

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