Ron DeSantis comes out with a five-point workable plan to get around Biden on illegal immigation

The more you look at Florida's governor, Ron DeSantis, the more you like him.

Here's his new plan on how to deal with Joe Biden's open borders policies that have brought the surge of illegal aliens into the country, in a neatly presented, effectively communicated Twitter summary:

It's impressive, frankly for multiple reasons.

First, as noted above, it's effective Twitter communication, fearlessly getting the word out and summing up the precise details for all to read quickly.

Second, it's well in tune with what Americans are most thinking about in these days of Joe Biden's failed presidency.

According to the Washington Times last Dec. 7:

The survey, conducted by OnMessage Inc. from Nov. 19 to Dec. 3, tested a wide range of hot-button issues among more than 4,000 registered voters and found surprising areas of consensus.

Some 80% see rising inflation and supply chain issues as a "crisis." That notion spans party lines.

About 70% of voters say the southern border, which is experiencing an unprecedented surge of illegal immigrants, is in "crisis." That, too, spanned party lines.

That percentage is huge.

It's a poll result that echoes what's been seen elsewhere: according to the University of Texas in one of its public sentiment polls last June, (illegal) immigration rated number two, behind political corruption/U.S. leadership, as the top issue to voters.

Laura Ingraham had this excellent monologue yesterday on the top three issues bothering Americans now — inflation, violent crime, and illegal immigration, all of which affect Americans directly in ways they can see with their own eyes.  The video is here.

Third, it's action at a time when action needs to be taken.  There are red-state governors out there doing some work on the ongoing border surge — Texas, Arizona — but none has come up with as strong a plan of action for disincentivizing illegal immigration from the start as this program has.  Texas, for instance, has cleverly erected barriers from shipping containers.  However, that's triage, albeit fast triage.  This DeSantis plan hits at the root causes of the illegal immigration by targeting the wealthy enablers of illegal immigration: the NGOs, the activists, the open-borders lobby, the church groups, in a way that's designed to end the incentives and profit motives that these groups operate on.

Fourth, it's fascinatingly tailored to actions that a governor, as opposed to a president, can effectively do. 

DeSantis, for instance, can't shut down the border or build the wall or re-negotiate the treaties with Latin American partners in the way a good president could do, but he can target the NGOs who profit from dumping illegals into communities and then wash their hands of the costs they impose on others, through special taxation.  The first three points of his five-point plan do just that, target the NGOs, and others who profit from enabling the cartels and human-smugglers from sponsoring more illegal immigration.  It would be nice to include Facebook, and that may be part of the plan.  That's forcing these organizations to act responsibly, wiping those dollar signs right out of their eyes and returning to their original missions.

The fourth point restores jails and courts as collection points for illegals — the ones who break U.S. laws in ways that are so violent that they actually get charged for their crimes.  Those characters need to be off the streets immediately with all due data collected on them, same as it's done with vaccines from ordinary Americans.  A state can do that even if it can't force a deportation.  That's important.

DeSantis's fifth point is important, too: E-Verify.  Why isn't that the law of the land?  Illegals are getting in left and right on phony work papers and working, taking away jobs from Americans or else depressing wages for those at the bottom of the economic ladder.  The main reason they come is for work, but the identifications requirements in place lend to easy forging and corner-cutting.  Why not E-Verify?  Politicians have been talking about this for years, even Republican ones, but nothing has been done.  Making it impossible for an illegal to find work is as great a deportation device as a court order and takes a lot less time and money, too.  DeSantis hit a bulls-eye with this one.  Shutting off Florida to illegal aliens, one of the most economically booming of states that amounts to a job magnet, is going to have an impact.

DeSantis has done a yeoman's job on identifying what a governor can do on illegal immigration — and doing it.  He must have extremely good people, given the well considered nature of these doable proposals.

All of this undercuts badly Joe Biden's plan for open borders and unlimited illegal immigration.  That's what Americans want.

We can add another hashmark-scratchmark into the "presidential" column for Ron DeSantis for this one. 

Image: Twitter screen shot.

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