Republicans betray their voters, again, this time in the Senate

December is supposed to be a month of celebrations.  There are Christmas trees, menorahs, lights, plum cakes, and the classic It's a Wonderful Life.  Who knew that some members of the GOP would hijack this month of festivities and turn it into the month of betrayal?

The first betrayal occurred on November 30, when 80 House Republicans voted for a bill that would spend $400 million of taxpayer money to fund the creation of a federal vaccination database.  The bill compels health care providers to share vaccination status information with the federal government.

There are myriad ways that this information can be misused, abused, and weaponized.

The authoritarian Democrats have misused the COVID-19 pandemic to encroach on the inherent rights of citizens such as the right to movement and the right to earn a living.  Freedom of choice is being challenged with persistent attempts to mandate vaccines.

The Republicans knew about all of this, yet they voted in favor of the vaccination database that could hurt the lives of their voters.

Eighty is a considerable number; what makes it worse is that House minority leader Kevin McCarthy led them down this path of treachery.

While GOP voters are busy digesting this betrayal, another one arrived on Thursday, when House Democrats and outgoing GOP rep. Adam Kinzinger passed a bill to keep the government funded through mid-February, after Republicans dropped a threat of a shutdown over the Biden's vaccine mandates.

The bill also allots over $7 billion of taxpayer money to fund Biden's Afghan Refugee Resettlement program.

When the bill arrived in the Senate, GOP senators should have been vehemently opposed to the Afghan resettlement program and voted an emphatic "nay."

Alas, nothing of the sort happened.  The bill was cleared on a 69-to-28 vote in the Senate.  Among the 69 who voted for the bill were 19 Republicans.

The bill now allots $13.3 billion of taxpayer money to resettle Afghans, and the project has no end date.

Much like his colleague in the House, Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell leads this band of 19 betrayers to side with the Democrats.

Democrats have had a long-running project to permanently alter the demographic mix of the electorate.  Since the Democrats cannot revoke the voting rights of citizens, they have devised another plan.

They first allow the migrants into the country either by leaving the borders unguarded or by flying in refugees from faraway countries.  The next step is to almost surgically transport them to states where the GOP has a history of winning.  Finally, the migrants are granted voting rights.  The effect is the dilution of the vote.  The power of legacy votes is hence reduced, and the Democrats plan to have a permanent voter base that guarantees them power.

The experiment has worked in California and New York, where even the greatest Republican will be defeated even if the Democrats field a stray pebble as a candidate.

If they apply this to select GOP states and the presidency, a majority in both the Senate and the House can be theirs forever.

The GOP is aware of these nefarious plans, but Republicans don't seem to care.

When Biden's hasty and unplanned withdrawal from Afghanistan left that country volatile and unstable, it was obvious that the crisis would be misused by the Democrats to flood the U.S. with Afghan refugees, citing "humanitarian grounds."  Resettling Afghan refugees would always be a risky proposition.  Since there was no systemic record-keeping of Afghan citizens that tracks backgrounds such as terror links or criminality, vetting is impossible.

We know of a convicted rapist entering the US on an evacuation flight because of the lack of vetting.  This means that members of the Taliban or al-Qaeda or ISIS could also enter the U.S. with ease.

In addition to the increasing possibility of a terror attack, the U.S. could witness a sharp rise in a variety of serious crimes, much as Europe did after its countries accepted Afghan refugees without proper screening.

The 19 GOP senators voted in favor of the resettlement because they know very well that the unvetted Afghans will never be resettled in their neighborhoods.  The resettlement will occur in low- or middle-income localities — hence, regular people will be the only sufferers.  It doesn't seem to matter to them that these may include their voters.

The Democrats are aware that they are likely to lose both the Senate and the House in November '22, hence they are using all they have to push their radical agenda.  Unfortunately, those who could have blocked the Democrat agenda have allied with the adversary.

To sum it up, in merely a week, 99 GOP members (19 senators and 80 representatives) have made the lives of their voters much more unsafe.

Going forward, their vaccination information can be misused by various government authorities, and they are more vulnerable to potential crimes and terror attacks from unvetted Afghans.

However, this GOP betrayal is nothing new.

It has to be remembered that during the Trump presidency, the GOP didn't exactly ally with President Trump.  They were bystanders when the Russia hoax was concocted and propagated, despite controlling the House and Senate from 2016 to 2018. 

They remained bystanders — and on occasions, enablers — of the Democrats.  It wouldn't be unfair to say they seem to prefer playing second fiddle to Democrats instead of leading the way.

Senator Lindsey Graham is a perfect example.  He readily talked about withdrawing support of President Trump after the Capitol Hill protest on January 6.  This is the same Lindsey Graham who reportedly told the Senate sergeant-at-arms to use guns to quell the unarmed citizens who had entered the building.

For these people, President Trump represented the people whom they have nothing but utter disdain for.  Their relentless treachery proves that beyond doubt.

It is time for citizens to repay disdain with handsome interest.

The citizen must actively participate in the electoral process.  They have to use all channels available to broadcast the names of these betrayers.  They have to build on the grassroots MAGA movement to bring about change from the ground.

It is essential that each and every traitor be replaced by honest, fearless, and committed nationalists who place the interests of citizens before anything else.

If citizens remain mere spectators despite all this, GOP betrayers will continue with their duplicity.

Now for the list of Republican senators who voted to resettle unvetted Afghan refugees in the U.S.  Do note their names, and primary them out of politics forever:

  • Roy Blunt (R-Mo.)
  • Richard Burr (R-N.C.)
  • Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.Va.)
  • Bill Cassidy (R-La.)
  • Susan Collins (R-Maine)
  • John Cornyn (R-Texas)
  • Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.)
  • Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-Miss.)
  • John Kennedy (R-La.)
  • Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.)
  • Jerry Moran (R-Kans.)
  • Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska)
  • Rob Portman (R-Ohio)
  • Mike Rounds (R-S.D.)
  • Marco Rubio (R-Fla.)
  • Richard Shelby (R-Ala.)
  • Thom Tillis (R-N.C.)
  • Roger Wicker (R-Miss.)
  • Todd Young (R-Ind.)

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