Our political divide is no longer between Democrats and Republicans

We are all aware of the deadly and avoidable crime wave plaguing cities that Marxists run. I am sure the people that live in these communities have been complaining. After all, how could they not? We have had two years of a rolling criminal snowball that has grown to ginormous proportions.

I noticed the uptick in the crime in New York in January 2020 when the “Bail Reform” law went into effect. Slowly on the local news, you heard about someone coming up the steps from the subway and getting cold-cocked in the face, elderly people getting thrown down and beaten, and other violent street crimes.

It grew from there and, after George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis, the kerosene was thrown on the previously slow-burning fuse. The Marxists tried telling us the crime wave was due to the pandemic but I knew—and believe others did too—that it started weeks before the first case of COVID was reported in the United States.

Like a cancer, the effects of these policies took a while to spread and then accelerated quickly. The same pattern was repeated across America as other cities implemented “Bail Reform” and defunded their police departments. All the while, George Soros and other Marxist billionaires hell-bent on destroying this country helped install District Attorneys who refuse to prosecute criminals and judges who put repeat violent offenders back on the streets. Add in governors emptying prisons in the name of Covid and—voila!—instant anarchy.

I don’t know about anyone else but I don’t care how much money Soros and his cabal put behind someone. I would never vote for anyone who advocates for emptying prisons and so-called “Bail Reform” or anyone backed by organizations such as Color of Change or The Tides Foundation. Still, enough people voted for these lunatics to give them power. Now, though, the same people regret their votes, yet no one is listening to them.

Image: Ballot box. Piqsels.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed recently spoke out against the smash-and-grab robberies that are now becoming commonplace. What’s interesting is that, when it was just the local small businesses, no leftists seemed to care. When it was retailers for people in the lower- to mid-level economic strata (e.g., Walmart, Target, and CVS), leftists shrugged their shoulders. But when it’s Nordstrom’s, Louis Vuitton, or the Apple store, now elected officials are paying attention.

Interesting, isn’t it? What does that say? The general public can boycott certain businesses but, whether the Marxists or conservatives do that, it doesn’t work. Why? Because deep down we want what we want. People eventually give in and buy from these retailers. However, when the rich donors that these vapid, empty politicians pander to complain because they are losing millions of dollars worth of merchandise on a weekly basis, suddenly, change becomes possible.

We need to vote these vapid, money-obsessed people out. They will never listen to you.

We must primary people who are corporate lackeys and panderers. Educate yourself. Check on their websites for the Marxist foundations that back them.

In New York, the people voted for Eric Adams a former NYPD Police Captain who won over the loons because he promised to be tough on crime. He can bring back the anti-crime unit and go back to “stop, question, and frisk” all he wants, but Alvin Bragg, the Manhattan DA with whom he must partner, ran on emptying all the prisons while not prosecuting any crimes. So, how is that going to work out?

I have elderly relatives who are staunch NYC Democrats, but they openly admit they are terrified to go out, even in the daytime. They also say that their quality of life has greatly diminished and they are terrified...yet they continue to vote Democrat.

What they need to learn is that there are no longer Democrats and Republicans in America. Instead, there are vicious Marxist anarchists and the rest of us. If being a normal “live and let live” person who minds her own business, follows the law, and wants smaller government means labeling me a conservative Republican, I couldn’t care less. Go ahead.

If wanting criminals in jail and wanting the violent repeat offenders to stay in jail means I am labeled a Nazi or a racist, I still don’t care and neither should you. Being called a name is something I can recover from. It’s more of an issue to recover from being maimed and impossible to recover from being murdered. The only way to change things is to send these nut jobs packing and never let them have power ever again.

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