Omicron: The delta-slayer

In a sane world, where facts and science held sway, it would all be over soon.

The largely harmless omicron variant is absolutely unstoppable meaning that the more lethal delta variant has precious little time left to be a threat to anyone.

The former, which I call the Variant of Freedom, disperses so rapidly that it makes delta look frozen in time.  To the informed and educated mind, this is a glorious thing, indeed.  But those blinded by fear and ignorance cannot see the marvelous miracle unfolding before our very eyes. 

The press has been loaded with doom-and-gloom stories about the omicron variant.  But in reality, omicron is nature's version of a vaccine for the Wuhan Plague.

Omicron infections are often asymptomatic (vaxxed or not).  Where not completely unnoticeable, omicron cases produce short-lived, mild illness to nearly all afflicted.  And at the end of the less-than-traumatic ordeal, the newly COVID-recovered is bestowed with better, more durable, natural immunity to COVID over all the vaccines in the world. 

Furthermore, although pandemic viruses generally evolve to become more transmissible and less lethal, that's not a hard and fast rule.  There are known incidents of viruses becoming more deadly.  By not accepting the authentic immunity that omicron offers at low cost, and instead stabbing themselves full of mRNA cocktails, rabid vaxxers deprive the herd of all the additional protection against future variants that vaccines simply cannot provide. 

Scared or not, it's absolutely laughable that some very smart people think omicron can be contained.

In a Hong Kong quarantine hotel, omicron teleported across a hallway from the room of one fully vaxxed individual into another.  If you make the mistake of merely looking at someone infected with omicron from a hundred yards away, then you're going to catch it.  That's how contagious it is in real life. 

The whole planet is trying in vain to lock down and run away from the this new variant, which in reality is the Great Liberator.  It's makes no damn sense whatsoever.  In my mind, we should already have omicron infection centers in operation, places people could go get omicron on purpose — and benefit from its natural immunity in order to dodge the still present delta variant.  Omicron is going to force the issue for a great many people regardless, but I still think it would be beneficial to have some assurances over which variant is contracted while delta still circulates.

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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