Lefty pols get a lesson in what 'defund the police' means

It's pretty amazing when leftists have to live with the results of their own decisions.

Deep-blue San Francisco's descent into violent crime and chaos following its voters' choices to elect officials on platforms to "defund the police" is Exhibit A.

But for the political perpetrators of these imposed anti-police agendas, it doesn't usually happen.  They are, after all, a nomenklatura of sorts, and membership has its privileges.

But for two leftist politicos who unleashed "defund the police" on the public, the result was so big that they couldn't escape it.  They got what they voted for, "good and hard," as H.L. Mencken put it. 

Here's a pair of Democrats who found themselves helpless victims of violent crimes brought on by defunding the police, according to Fox News:

Two Democrats who supported police reform in Philadelphia and Chicago were both carjacked at gunpoint within 24 hours of each other.

Illinois state Sen. Kimberly Lightford (D-Maywood) was targeted in suburban Chicago on Tuesday night, while Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon (D-Pa.) was carjacked Wednesday afternoon after an event in South Philadelphia.

Lightford was driving with her husband, Eric McKennie, in Broadview at about 9:45 p.m. when three masked suspects in a Durango SUV hijacked the couple’s black Mercedes.

Police said “multiple gunshots” were fired during the incident but Lightford and her husband weren’t physically hurt.

The suspects fled in the Mercedes and Durango, according to police.

Now, it's probably harsh to say that this is what these people voted for, but unfortunately, it's true.  Here's the Fox News reporting on Scanlon's record:

"We have seen too many lives taken and communities devastated by police brutality and racial profiling," Scanlon tweeted shortly after [George] Floyd's death. "Action is long overdue. @HouseDemocrats are fighting for REAL reform in our country’s police departments. #JusticeInPolicing."

Scanlon is one of 125 co-sponsors of the Mental Health Justice Act, which aimed to place some police officers as first responders with mental health specialists. All of the bill's sponsors are Democrats. The bill's text says its purpose is "To authorize the Secretary of Health and Human Services to award grants to States and political subdivisions of States to hire, employ, train, and dispatch mental health professionals to respond in lieu of law enforcement officers in emergencies involving one or more persons with a mental illness or an intellectual or developmental disability, and for other purposes."

At the time the Mental Health Justice Act was introduced in February 2021, with Scanlon on board as one of its original co-sponsors, The Hill reported, "Congress wants to make it easier for state and local governments to defund the police by instead funding mental health services and empowering them to respond to emergency calls instead of armed officers."

More social workers, fewer police?  That most certainly amounts to defunding the police.  We didn't see her call a social worker in the wake of her own violent carjacking, robbery, and terrorization.  She called a cop, and good for her that the cops helped her and scooped up the perpetrators.  While the carjacking is drawing outrage and a federal investigation because it was done to a public official, the reality is, it could have been any of us who got it as a result of police defunding.  What we do know is, she wanted that defunding for us, and too bad about the victims of the crime that always follow.  No cop available to come to our aid when violent thugs come carjacking.  We are just supposed to take it while useless social workers take care of the crime problem for us instead. 

As a result (and combined with leftist district attorneys elected by voters), now crime is so widespread in Philly that on a random night of carjackings, one of the victims was she.  It's sad, but it's not surprising, given her ditzy, diminutive, thin, white-woman appearance, with "Karen" written all over her face.  Criminals always look for the easiest victims on a physical basis, and being a powerful congresswoman did absolutely nothing to make her a less attractive prospect to a violent criminal.  Unfortunately, that's a nasty reality — that those who appear weak are going to be targeted by violent criminals in crimes involving brute force more than others.  Those who do look small and frail to criminals should actually be more aware of this issue and more interested in police protection than most, but she wasn't.

So much for her "lived experience," as the lefties say.  She was all in for calling the social workers and getting rid of the beefy, well-armed, well-trained cops out there to protect the public, and it came back to bite her.

A similar situation exists with Lightford, an Illinois state senator who sponsored police defunding in an official capacity in Chicago.

In 2020, Lightford proposed slashing Chicago PD's budget by $80 million but ultimately settled for $59 million. However, things appear to have dramatically changed in just a few short days.

She got the sharp end of that legislative act up close this week.  In her case, the criminals were unusually violent, firing guns as they stole her car from her and threw her into the street.  Unlike ditzy, white Scanlon, she's a young black woman, yet that didn't exempt her; it in fact made her just as attractive as a target to violent criminals.  Was she not aware that criminals are particularly vile and life-devaluing towards the lives of black victims, who are disproportionately hit by violent crime?  That's who suffers under these "defund the police" schemes.  Did she ever think of that, in terms of her own self?  Maybe she should legislate based on her "lived experience"?  No, she went with the conventional leftist rhetoric and voted for and got the defunding of the police she wanted, never once imagining that that stupidity could have personal consequences for her. 

Will either of these characters renounce their defund the police stance and explain that their new experiences with the crime surge that has come of it have changed their positions?  That they've gotten religion on the importance of supporting the police over the criminals?  Lefties rarely learn, so I will believe it when I see it.

It's one of two positions they could take in the wake of these incidents, and it would be the honorable one.

Maybe then the police will be properly funded and the demonization will stop, and things may just get better for everyone.

But if the other scenario happens, and it's the more likely one, that they demand extra security, as well as that special federal investigation that others don't get based on their elected political offices, then it won't be good.  In accepting special protections and services, they still leave the rest of us out to continue to endure the crime brought on by their defund the police votes, so to heck with them.  They should get no extra security until they give all of us extra security, which means admitting they were wrong about defunding the police, scrapping this "defund the police" crap, and demanding extra policing for all of us.  Either we all get safety, or every left-wing pol out there is going to have to recognize that they aren't exempt from the scourge of violent crime brought on by their demonization of the police.  Any such call must be halted as a privileged carve-out.

Let them lie in the bed they made for all of us. 

Image: Screen shot from FOX29 video via YouTube.

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