Leftists are using our children as pawns for all their policies

The disrespect for our children among this country's "intellectual class" is a manifestation of the disrespect they have for the rest of us and their deep desire to marginalize and ultimately destroy people guilty of "wrongthink" (as they define it).  What leftists don't realize is that, by lumping all children together and using them as pawns to achieve their ultimate goals, they are destroying themselves, too.

One of the most obvious things leftists have done is to destroy the school systems' ability to teach anything meaningful, replacing real knowledge with "correct think" drivel that denies everything from history to mathematics to science in favor of inclusion, diversity, LGBT "training," and such.  Leftists believe that if this continues, they'll have a malleable and manageable bunch of kids who grow up to become shills for their point of view.

What leftists miss is that we have a goodly number of intelligent children — the rebels, questioners, and readers — willing to go beyond the leftist soft porn now replacing reality in the school library and ferret out truth for themselves.  Many kids in this group have parents still awake enough not to be woke, who are willing to go to the mat to preserve our republic, and willing and able to counteract what their kids are force-fed with lessons in reality.  Many have become homeschoolers to avoid kowtowing to the system.

True, tech censorship quashes news of this intellectual counterrevolution, but those who are willing to fight are getting around the censors — joining Substack, and other intellectually free forums, and funneling their energy into real efforts to counteract the evil around them.  Who knows?  Perhaps Trump's upcoming media empire will be the final nail in the censorship coffin.

Another weapon in the war against children is isolation and masking.  That's failing, though, as more people notice it does nothing, with places like Florida as proof.  The word is finally getting out that our children, starved for contact and context for so long, have had an astonishing diminution in I.Q.  Studies showing a 22-point drop in babies born into the pandemic atmosphere are a klaxon warning that masking and isolation must end.  Some comparison must be made, and broadcast publicly, between states still repressing and masking children and states where that has been curtailed.  Only by sharing the results loudly in public will the message resonate.

Image: Children being children.  Piqsels.

Along with this, we must include the shocking statistics on drugging our children.  Researching this, I found that six million of our children are on psych drugs — that's one in twelve — and often, in my opinion (and I am not an expert), the drugs are used to force inquisitive and lively children into conformity with the herd, into manageability.  Note, if you look at the link, how early drugs are started — an astounding number of children are force-fed them early, before their first birthdays.

Instead of prescribing more of these drugs, we need to develop an ethic where the adults in the room take the time and make the effort to help less tractable and manageable kids find their path in life.  The effort needed to do so is profound, but the rewards will be, too.  We need our quirky thinkers, our single-minded inventors, our daredevils, and we need to let them know they are valued.

Finally, and most significantly, we have the push to vaccinate our children.  Study after study shows the danger of this, including reproductive harm that will no doubt affect their future ability to bear children.  There are now credible stories of healthy youthful athletes dropping on the field, suffering from heart problems.

There are also alarming reports of children's DNA being "reprogrammed" by the vaccine.  We have no idea of the long-term repercussions, but I'm betting they're not going to be good.  The only thing stopping this news from reaching a broader audience is the repressive censorship of tech and most "news" outlets.  They are not thinking of our children.  They are thinking only of power and their bottom line.

Put simply, we have become a society bent on destroying ourselves from the ground up.  As the adults in the room, we who see this must put an end to it.  Where some of the news has been exposed (often to quickly be taken down and quashed), it's being examined.  The best thing about Zoom school, for some parents, was the ability to monitor what their kids were being taught.  It was a wake-up call for many!

Childhood should be a time of growth, exploration, interaction with others.  Putting a mask on a child, coercing his parents into giving a vaccine that is unnecessary, and instilling fear of living out loud in our children does us all a profound disservice.  We need to focus on this.  It's too important to ignore.

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