Jen Psaki and other Democrats like to pretend a lot

Jen Psaki says the CBO score is fake because that is not the bill they are voting on.  She is absolutely right.  The BBB bill, as written, pretends programs will end in one to two years and then pretends to use revenues from ten years' taxes to pay for them.  They pretend costs will go down and pretend that high taxes won't slow the economy.  It is no wonder we are almost $30 trillion in debt with all this pretending going on.

What the Democrats are doing would be like an individual buying groceries and paying for it with a ten-year home equity loan.

Psaki presser 12/14/21 (YouTube screen grab).

Biden and other Democrats pretend the reason women are not going back to work is because of daycare and they need the subsidies in the BBB bill to get them back.  Someone should ask them how women ever went to work prior to March of 2020 when women's unemployment was at record low.

They pretended the high gas prices were because of Biden's strong economy and high demand.  Then they blamed OPEC, and then they blamed oil companies' gouging.  Maybe an enterprising reporter could ask how oil prices stayed so reasonable during Trump's years.  After all, there was high demand, the economy was strong, OPEC was there, and it was the same oil companies.

Now, Psaki and Warren are blaming the high price of meat and poultry on greedy companies, just as they blamed oil companies.  Isn't it amazing that the companies had so much less greed while Trump was president.

'It's corporate greed': Psaki blames 'conglomerates' for the soaring cost of of meat in the US

U.S. Senator Warren calls for probe of soaring poultry prices

The common denominator on everything is that Democrats always blame others for what their policies cause.  They get away with it because the mostly compliant media just go along. 

The Democrats also pretended Obamacare would be paid for and that premiums would drop.  They intentionally lied to mislead the public.  Prices skyrocketed.

When Obamacare came up short, the corrupt Obama just illegally stole money from other funds to pay for it.  I don't remember all the consternation about the Constitution and separation of powers because Democrats didn't care. 

Judge Rules Administration Illegally Delivering Funds To Insurers Participating In Obamacare

Today, a federal judge sided with the House of Representatives in a major lawsuit challenging executive branch overreach, ruling that the Obama administration has been making illegal payments to health insurance companies participating in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) exchanges. U.S. District Court Judge Rosemary Collyer found that Congress never appropriated the billions of taxpayer dollars that the administration has delivered to insurers through the ACA's cost sharing reduction (CSR) program. Today's decision is a victory for the rule of law.

The only programs I have seen that paid for itself are tax rate cuts by Reagan, Bush, and Trump.  Of course, Psaki and other Democrats continue to pretend (lie that) the tax rate cuts cost trillions.  Instead of using actual numbers, they repeat talking points based on inaccurate predictions.

Trump had popular policies and tremendous economic results, and the media sought to destroy him every day to reduce his popularity.  Trump worked as hard as he could to move power, freedom, and money to the people as fast as possible, and the media called him an autocrat and dictator.  Trump's policies were lifting all boats, and especially helping the poor, the middle class, minorities, and the less educated.

Biden has disastrous and unpopular policies on energy, the border, Afghanistan, crime, inflation, taxes, and many other things, and his poll numbers drop precipitously.  Instead of reporting facts, most of the media are colluding with Biden in an effort to mislead the public to raise Biden's poll numbers.  Biden and the Democrat party are working as hard as they can to transfer more money and power to the government as fast as possible, and the media never refer to him as an autocrat or dictator.  The Democrats are seeking to keep and make as many people dependent on the government, instead of giving them the opportunity to move up the economic ladder and most of the media cheers.

When Democrats are promoting their mandates and policies, I hear Fauci and others talking about the common good.  That sounds like Karl Marx.

If the Democrats really cared about income inequality, wealth inequality, and the common good, they would have supported Trump's policies, which led to a record low in poverty at the end of 2019.  Capitalism, low tax rates, and fewer regulations led to the record low, not great society programs and anti-poverty programs which keep people poor.

Why are journalists and other Democrats seeking to get rid of policies that helped so many, especially minorities?

Incomes Hit a Record High and Poverty Reached a Record Low in 2019

Data released by the Census Bureau today show that 2019 was a historic year for raising Americans' living standards. Real median household income reached a record high, and poverty reached a record low. Improvements in income and poverty were the largest in over 50 years. Minority groups — including black, Hispanic and Asian Americans — experienced the largest gains.

Median income reaches all-time high after largest one-year increase on record

Real median household income increased by $4,400 in 2019, reaching an all-time record high of $68,700. This represents a 6.8 percent one-year increase, which is the largest one-year increase in median income on record. Since 2016, real median household income has increased by 9.7 percent (after adjusting for a Census survey redesign in 2017).

Income gains in 2019 were largest for minority groups. Real median income grew by 7.9 percent for black Americans, 7.1 percent for Hispanic Americans, and 10.6 percent for Asian Americans (see Figure 1). These one-year increases were all record highs, and the new income levels reached in 2019 were all record highs, as well.

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