It's your message, Democrats

Yesterday, House speaker Nancy Pelosi said she does not understand where the lawlessness is coming from.  She was talking about all of those attack on shops in San Francisco. 

Maybe Mrs. Pelosi finally noticed when the mob attacked her favorite places!

The mayor of San Francisco noticed the looting, too.  This is the story:

The mayor's plan includes a series of initiatives to implement a 180-degree reversal from blind compassion to "tough love." Outlined in a Medium post, Breed's proposals take aim at illegal drug sales and restore funding for police with targeted resources dedicated to the low-income Tenderloin neighborhood. The mayor calls for:

Executing an Emergency Intervention Plan in the Tenderloin neighborhood

Securing emergency police funding to ensure we have the resources to combat major safety problems over the next several 

Amending our surveillance ordinance so law enforcement can prevent and interrupt crime in real time — something they're effectively barred from doing now — to better protect our homes and businesses

Disrupting the illegal street sales of stolen goods that have become a clear public safety issue and are contributing to retail theft

Well, at least the strategy is changing.  Let's hope it goes beyond talking points.

Why are Democrats suddenly talking about crime?

The answer is twofold:

First, this level of "lawlessness," as the speaker would say, is driving taxpayers away.  My guess is that it keeps a lot of people from driving downtown for dinner on a Saturday.  I was in a city in Maryland last summer and asked about Little Italy, a once-charming neighborhood for eating Italian food.  My friend said it was still there, but many people were afraid of going down in this atmosphere.

Second, the violence must be hurting Democrats with African-Americans and Hispanics, or the people who live in those areas, which may be both.  Check out Chicago and the weekend shootings.  It's hard to blame Trump when everyone running the city is a liberal Democrat.

Memo to Democrats: Let the police do their job, and you will see how quickly the "lawlessness" will disappear.

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Image: Gage Skidmore via FlickrCC BY-SA 2.0.

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