It wasn't just uncharged Ray Epps leading the Capitol breach. He had helpers.

The House's Soviet-style January 6 committee continues its unsuccessful efforts to tie Donald Trump, people in his administration, Republican congresspeople, and Fox News personalities to the events on that day.  What they're ignoring as they try to destroy their political enemies is those people caught on tape actively encouraging the crowd to breach the Capitol.  The most notable of these people is one Ray Epps, but he's not the only one.  The Revolver has an extensive exposé looking not just at Epps, but at others in the crowd who ought to be at the top of the FBI's dragnet but, somehow, aren't.

The Revolver article is too long and detailed to allow an easy summary here.  Here's a summary of just part of what it reveals:

Myriad footage shows Epps appearing at different times and in different places, on January 5 and 6, actively and openly encouraging people to breach the Capitol.  Indeed, at 12:50 P.M., while Trump was still speaking to a huge, peaceful crowd, Epps was the person who orchestrated the first breach of the Capitol barricades.

The FBI originally included Epps on its Most Wanted List.  However, the DOJ never filed charges against him despite knowing who he was.  When both The Revolver and The New York Times raised questions in June about Epps, the FBI responded by purging him from its online files.

The Revolver believes that the most logical explanation for the FBI's and DOJ's protecting Epps is that he was a government operative whose job was to create a "MAGA insurrection."  However, says The Revolver, he wasn't the only person in the crowd doing that.  This wouldn't be the first time the FBI has done this.  In the past, it's brought as many as 1,600 agents to infiltrate a protest.  The Whitmer kidnap plot and the Bundy Ranch affair also illustrate this practice.

The Revolver studied all the people who are seen interacting with Epps on the available videos from January 5 and 6.  It concludes that these people were operatives trying to entrap people.

The starting point for the analysis is the 12:50 barrier breach that Epps led along with a small team of people.  They systematically destroyed all the barriers and "keep out" signage that people traveling from Trump's speech to the Capitol would reach first.

By doing so, they created a honeypot that would lead people into the Capitol without their realizing they had crossed into illegal territory.  Or, as The Revolver says, "the Ray Epps Breach Team thus set up what may amount to the largest legal booby-trap in American history."

Image: Platform man.  Rumble screen grab.

Footage also shows unindicted, businesslike men who seemed to have no connection whatsoever to Trump carefully removing all indications that the Capitol grounds — normally open — had been closed off.  Again, this meant that the people who were arrested for trespassing had no way of knowing they were doing so.  All of this happened before the Proud Boys first appeared on the scene, which kills the narrative that they were the insurrectionists.

There were also people standing on a tall scaffold encouraging people to enter the Capitol.  The main man doing the directing, who's easy to spot with his dad glasses, mask, baseball cap, and megaphone, is also missing from the FBI's and DOJ's "most wanted" list or any official descriptions of the events on January 6.  It was he who methodically urged the crowd to move forward and then explicitly instructed them to enter the Capitol — a crowd, again, that was unaware that it was on forbidden ground thanks to those unindicted people who stripped away barriers and signage.

Ray Epps and the Scaffold Commander were on the same mission: they were determined to ensure that people entered the Capitol.  Epps even stood at the base of the same scaffold.  If there was an insurrection, they were the activists, yet the FBI and DOJ have no interest in them.  If that doesn't make you scratch your head and think "conspiracy," I don't know what will.

The Revolver also fingers "BlackSkiMask" guy, who ignored the pleas of the crowd to stand down and, instead, was the first person to start disposing of barricades, again making it impossible for ordinary Americans to know they'd crossed from "legal" land to "illegal" land.  But here's the amazing thing about BlackSkiMask: the day before, "BlackSkiMask was yanked out of a bus by dozens of police officers who suspected his vehicle was packed with guns and bombs."  In other words, the FBI knows exactly who he is...but isn't touching him.

And the above is just half of what's in the meticulously detailed report from The Revolver.  Something very bad happened on January 6, but it wasn't that Americans peacefully walked through the Capitol because they thought they could.  Instead, it was that a cabal of individuals did everything they could to ensure that ordinary Americans were enticed into the Capitol — and that the FBI and DOJ refuse to touch these individuals, who also go unmentioned in the House's show trial.

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