Is there an American Apartheid?

Some would argue that there is no such thing as American Apartheid, but that argument is becoming less effective daily.  The difference between American Apartheid and the one originated in South Africa is that it is a reverse apartheid; it is not associated with Blacks in America, but with Whites in America.

Some may shout that the statement is indicative of the racism they hold exists in America.  But the early stages of this Apartheid are making significant gains.  The argument is simple — draw your own conclusions.

In today's American entertainment media, this Apartheid is presented as a representative of American society.  If the demographics that show the makeup of our society are true as to the population numbers, then the White race make up the majority of the populace of America.  However, this majority is not represented in the entertainment media's presentation of the population.  This same disparity was evident in the South African apartheid before it ended in 1994.

This same process is used in the advertisements of products and services.  The exclusion of Whites from these media is perhaps the result of what is called "wokism" and the corporate institutions that have bought into it.  The mainstream media also foster the concept in a not so masked way in the events that are portrayed on their news broadcasts.  One glance reveals that Whites are portrayed as the main reason for all of society's ills.  That is the doctrine of today's media.  This also parallels the South African experience during the apartheid period.

All too often today, the unuttered word in corporate America is "if you are White, do not apply" when filling positions.  Again, this is supported by the evidence, although you will need to dig it out because this vileness cannot withstand the light of day.  Is this to say there are no talented Black hires — only those who rise because of the wrongful wokism of the corporation?  Not at all — but talent should be the only qualifier, not a misguided revisionist ideology.  Does this recall any semblance to Cape Town?

The concept of the falsely proclaimed "White privilege," along with misguided Critical Race Theory, supports the American Apartheid ideology.  To accomplish the important influence that assigns a particular race to the inferior category, it is necessary to first instill in the minds of the populace that such things exist.  This is done by a vigorous propaganda campaign that is waged today.  I would venture to say that instead of a White privilege, there is a Black privilege.  The treatment of Jussie Smollett by the district attorney of Cook County is one of many examples. 

In today's schools, particularly the elementary years, there are classes segregated by race.  This is done in the name of providing a "safe space" from the White influence that will promote feelings of being inferior and to protect against the spurious White privilege doctrine.  This nonsense reminds one of the George Wallace segregation policies of the early sixties.  America, with both Black and White support, brought this mindset to an end.  The exclusion of a race was not then and is not now the fabric of America. Those who proclaim this are deceivers on a mega-scale.

So is this American Apartheid?  The erroneous concepts that are flourishing today bear all too many parallels to that blight that afflicted South Africa.  The pendulum is out of balance and needs a correction, and that correction must be accomplished by all races.  Logic and reason are what is needed, not bluster. 

Flyover Country, as the leftists like to call the rest of the nation, does not subscribe to the Apartheid concepts forced upon the coastal populaces.  Yearnings of the populace to leave the coastal areas are documented for an easy examination.  The ease with which the populace of the Flyover Country conduct their race relations confounds the coastal leadership.  Flyover Country offers hope to the costal populace of a "Shining City on a Hill" to escape to, which furthers the confusion of the leaders and provides the succor for this new Apartheid's growth. 

If there is a White Apartheid that is beginning to grow in this country, then every effort should be brought to bear against it.  Refuse it at every level and stand strong on the concepts of our Republic.

"Only Americans can hurt America."  —Dwight D. Eisenhower  

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