In America’s violent cities, is self-defense the last civil right?

As much as I love sipping political philosophies like fine wine, now isn’t the time. Of all the important questions to be asked in this manic hour, I offer this one: In America’s violent cities, is self-defense the last civil right or a path to the last rite? As violent crime rises and the leftists’ will to fight it plummets, we who are in the midst of daily destruction must make up our minds.

I don’t care if your chosen self-defense item is a knife (a staple in majority leftist/left anarchist cities), slingshot, baseball bat (a favorite of the friend whom I call a force of nature), bow and arrow, pepper spray, fists, mixed martial arts (aka MMA) or whatever else tickles your tactical fancy, it’s clear we’ve got to have our minds made up. We must be armed, not just with the weapons, but also with the will to defend ourselves. Given current headlines on timelines, it’s a no-brainer.

In New Orleans, a local judge’s mother was recently wounded in crossfire and a congresswoman and state legislator were carjacked days ago in their respective cities. When mayhem touches elites, some targets (that is, ordinary citizens) wonder whether the policies those elites support will change? Let’s let that question hang in the air while we stay focused.

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I understand what progressive mayors and prosecutors have done to undermine effective policing and violent career criminal convictions. I also understand change won’t happen instantly even if those same actors got religion on public safety overnight.

Targets (i.e., citizens) still face several waves of attacks from a generation that hasn’t faced consequences for its actions. After what conservatives termed “the Ferguson Effect” following Mike Brown’s death and new de-policing benchmarks set following George Floyd’s demise, we face youth who won’t magically stop rampaging on their won. Violent young people’s lifestyles change only after persistent pressure is applied over time.

Police officers, mayors, prosecutors, and judges are instrumental but not fast moving. We targets (aka citizens) must exercise our last right of self-defense, and loudly defend the right to do so, or what we call self-defense will become the equivalent of a last rite courtesy of violent offenders.

Fortunately, self-defense is instantaneous. It isn’t hamstrung by polling and debates in safe chambers. When targets (citizens) decide self-defense is our last right, we won’t be needing our last rites anytime soon.

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black. Writer/Commentator on Liberation and Liberty.

#ActualSuperHeroForLiberty Advocate. #HaltHunger Organizer.

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