If Yellen and Power really cared about corruption and saving democracy, they would go after their boss

The Washington Post has published an opinion piece from Janet Yellen and Samantha Power that says that to save democracy the U.S must fight global corruption. It had to be a satire because they work for a man who has been knowingly corrupt for a long time and they obviously don’t care.

To uphold democracy, the U.S. must fight global corruption

Opinion ●  Opinion by Janet L. Yellen and Samantha Power

Around the world, in countries as varied as Russia, Venezuela and China, the wealthy and the well-connected launder their assets through complex networks of shell companies or transactions involving art, real estate and, occasionally, cryptocurrencies. Sometimes those gains are ill-gotten and sometimes they are legitimately earned but illicitly hidden to evade taxes. But what links all corrupt acts is that they take resources from citizens, undermine public trust and — ultimately — threaten the progress of those who fight for democracy.

The media, corrupt, politicized Justice Department, Jen Psaki, members of the Biden Administration, and other Democrats have known for a long time that Biden and his family are corrupt and they don’t care, either. 

They know that Hunter Biden repeatedly rode on Air Force Two with his dad as he went around the world collecting kickbacks for his family connections.  And they don’t care.

They have seen evidence that Joe was very involved with the deals, and lied when he said he had never discussed Hunter’s business dealings and they don’t care.

They have seen evidence that Hunter got millions from Ukraine, Russia, and China and they don’t care. 

They have seen evidence that Joe shared a bank account with Hunter and Hunter used that money to pay Joe’s bills and they don’t care. 

They clearly know that Hunter’s art works would not be worth as much if Joe wasn’t President and they don’t care who buys them. 

They don’t even care that Biden blackmailed Ukraine, with $1 billion of taxpayer money, if they didn’t fire a prosecutor looking into the corruption of a company giving millions in kickbacks to Hunter for a no-show job.

But the media and other Democrats impeached Trump for wanting to investigate the clear corruption. Do Yellen and Power want to look into that corruption? 

The media never cared about the Hunter laptop. They buried the story with fake claims that it was Russian misinformation because they were campaigning for Biden. They couldn’t afford for the public to see the truth. 

Of course, the same people never cared when the Clinton family was taking massive kickbacks while they were in power. 

Hillary could commit as many crimes as she wanted, and they would still support her for President. 

It is easy to tell that the donations to the Clinton Foundation and high speech fees were kickbacks for political favors because the donations and speeches dried up as soon as she had nothing to trade.

The media know that the Obama/Biden Justice Department and IRS were corrupt and politicized as they targeted political opponents instead of criminals and tax cheats but they don’t care.

The DOJ targets parents instead of corrupt politicians. They sue states like Texas for their election maps but don’t go after Illinois. They target Republican states for election integrity laws but never cared that election officials in Democrat-run states routinely violated state election laws.

It is no wonder that there is rampant corruption and crime throughout the country when most of the media supports corrupt politicians and politicians who are soft on crime as long as they are pushing the leftist’s agenda to remake or destroy America.

If Yellen and Power really cared about corruption, they would go after Biden and Hillary, but they support them.

What do you call journalists who support corrupt politicians and even bury truthful stories to hide the corruption from the public? Wouldn’t enemies of the American people be appropriate?

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