How much more powerful are the media than you?

There are 32,000 full-time journalists in America — an army of thought-police — and they have a microphone the size of Mount Everest.  If anyone tries to get a message past this de facto ministry of propaganda for the elites, this monster that "Congress shall make no law" has created, that person will be shouted down.  No one except a few billionaires, who will be trillionaires in less than a decade, has sufficient media power to be heard over the din of this politically empowered institution, the mind-raping elite media.

Let's say you disagree with the constant pressure to be gay.  Let's say you think the gay lifestyle is a corrupt way to live, as it has been seen throughout most of human history.  But you don't have the media power to oppose the message of the elites.  They will brand you as a homophobe, and you are powerless to oppose it.  They will use their massive media might to drown out your message.  If you continue to oppose the elites and the political correctness they spew at you, you risk losing your job, your career, and your livelihood.

America is 100% top-down.  Zero percent bottom-up.  In North Carolina, in the last senatorial race between Cal Cunningham and Thom Tillis, over 250 million dollars was spent.  The people of North Carolina have no representation.  Two hundred fifty million dollars does.  The people of North Carolina are being played for fools and are voiceless and powerless.

What has happened is simple: the empowerment of institutions is the oldest trick in the political playbook.  "Congress shall make no law" has created a ruling press corps.  But institutions have the same problem as human beings: they want more power!  What has happened is what Vice President Spiro Agnew alluded to when he said "unchecked power."  Everyone is subjected to the power of the media, and this empowered institution has inevitably become an imperious elite that constantly punches down at the American people.

You are a deplorable ignoramus.  You are a slobbering troglodyte.  You are a vicious racist.  You are an unenlightened bigot.

Constant punching down.  Constant demonization of the American people.  Constant humiliation of you because they can be heard, and you can't.

"Unchecked power" has created a permanent elite that hate you and, if you hate them back, they use their massive media might to define you as a hater, and they revel in your powerlessness.  You become what they say you are, and there is no way to fight them.

The billionaires recognize the power of the media and use it to their advantage.  Michael Bloomberg, being no fool, owns Bloomberg News.  Do you really think Bloomberg News puts out the news?  Jeff Bezos, another billionaire who is the best bet to become the first man to break the trillionaire glass ceiling, owns the Washington Post.  They can be heard.  You can't.  To them, you are just too stupid and unenlightened to see the future, which serves them and not you.

Progressivism is 100% elitism and 100% cowardice.  It never challenges real power and forces you to change to suit its ever-increasing power and your ever-increasing irrelevance.  The American people have no rights, no representation, and no voice.

In some respects, it is worse now in America for average Allen and average Anne than it was about a hundred years ago for average Ivan and average Svetlana in Russia under the tsar.  Tsar Nicholas II, the last Russian tsar before the upheaval, had a secret- police force working for him called the Okhrana.  But the last Russian tsar was a lightweight when it came to tyranny.  His Okhrana never had 37,000 employees like the FBI now has — an army of secret police — which proves, once again, the lesson of history: tyranny works.  

However, there is always a silver lining.  Yes, tyranny works...until it doesn't anymore.

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