Governor Charlie Baker must ride along

Some residents of the Commonwealth have witnessed or seen footage of Massachusetts State Police troopers who have been removed from their posts by the illegal order of the oaf governor, Charlie Baker.

If not, the scenario usually plays out this way: two State Police troopers or representatives arrive at the private residences of fellow troopers who have had to make the agonizing choice between their livelihood and the natural right to determine their own medical care.

In other words, they can play Russian Roulette with their immune system and submit to an mRNA injection under duress or lose their jobs.

Photo credit: YouTube screen grab.

The troopers are read a script and ordered to surrender their cruisers, equipment, and badges on the spot.

Their families and neighbors look on, often in tears or silent rage at a humiliating and debased spectacle more apt for East Germany than the United States.

The badges surrendered were worn by individuals who were not long ago lauded as heroes, essential, on the frontlines.  Their "vaccination status" was of no consequence, and undoubtedly the farthest thing from the minds of those citizens who sought their immediate assistance.

The badges were worn by individuals for whom danger and uncertainty were a part of the job, bravely entering situations into which there was the possibility of no return.

Now they are anathema, suddenly and imperceptibly a danger to the citizens they served and protected.

One of the surrendered badges was that of a trooper who wore the shield of her father, who was killed in the line of duty.

Another was worn by a trooper who gained national renown for his uncommon kindness to a homeless woman in Fall River.

Others were worn by those simply fulfilling their oaths and enforcing the laws (actual laws) of Massachusetts every hour that they were on the job.

Many heretofore healthy troopers who took the jab out of necessity (and after being denied medical or religious exemptions) have had adverse reactions, and their health and well-being have been forever compromised.

Outrageous is too mild a word to describe the situation that Baker has created.

If the lummox from Swampscott wants to exert tyrannical power, he should have the courage of his convictions.  Baker should ride along and be present each and every time a Massachusetts State Trooper is forced to surrender his badge, cruiser, and equipment.

Perhaps if Baker, another in a long line of Harvard-educated idiots, were to cast his dull, soulless eyes into those whose lives he is marring for nothing, a flicker of recognition might register.

He might have a faint recollection of the natural rights of man, the concept that medical freedom and sovereignty over one's body are one's own and not for the state, and that such coercion is not in the interest of public health, but in service of all-encompassing power and authority without end.

Alas, it is a bridge too far for a man so lacking in self-awareness that he does not realize that he has brought infamy upon a place considered the birthplace of American liberty.

From the shot heard 'round the world to get a shot or the state kills your civil liberty...this is Charlie Baker's Massachusetts.

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