Fool's Errand: Beto O'Rourke chasing down the Texas Latino vote

Does anything say "out of touch" better than the Democrats running Beto O'Rourke as its prime candidate for governor of Texas?

The hopeless stunt is supposedly all about O'Rourke's appeal to Latino voters.  He has a Spanish nickname.  He speaks Spanish.  What Latino could refuse?

It's incredibly cynical and insulting to Latino voters, whom Texas Democrats consider key to winning back the governorship.  That cynicism was obvious enough in this statement by a Texas Latino GOP observer:

"He uses Beto like he's our Mexican tío, but you're not," he said. "Just because you put the name out there doesn't mean I'm going to invite you to my house like you're my tío."

"What do you stand for?" Muñiz concluded.

Just put a sombrero and fake mustache on him, and the picture is complete.

O'Rourke may appear to Democrats to be Señor Latinx Vote Magnet, and Democrats are hyping that to the press, but O'Rourke's sensibilities are those of a white urban hipster, not a Latino Democrat voter.  O'Rourke would like to defund the police.  He'd like to grab guns.  He'd like to expand the welfare class.  He'd like to tax success.  He's all about abortion on demand.  And he certainly wants to make government bigger and more intrusive.

As for the border — where these targeted Latino voters actually live — well, not so much.  Voters' concerns on that matter are invisible to O'Rourke Democrats.

Latino voters consistently said that education, jobs, inflation, energy costs, the reliability of the power grid, and wokester-ism in public education are important issues.  In South Texas, a big one is the open border.

O'Rourke is now attempting to flatter Latino voters with claims of "you matter" to bring them back into the fold.  But the horse has left the barn.

O'Rourke's own Democrat party tells a very different story, which isn't "you matter," and those voters have been hearing it loud and clear.

The Democrat Biden administration has unleashed a historic border surge, which has landed squarely into South Texas county communities at the sharp end.  Those counties are 92% Hispanic.  Idiot-minded Kamala Harris was dispatched to solve that problem — and wouldn't even go to those Texas border towns.  She made a cursory, hours-long stopover to El Paso, where the surge wasn't, on her way to a long weekend at her home in Brentwood, California.  When you think about it, that alone was pretty insulting.  Think how the residents of those communities who have been inundated with the crime, disease, social disorder, and costliness of the migrant surge must have felt as the Biden administration treated them as though they were invisible, or worse yet, had cooties.

The Biden Democrats, whom O'Rourke is aligned with, have also denied federal emergency relief to those communities as the vast international surge of more than a million foreign nationals entering illegally marches through their communities.

They've ignored moderate elected Latino Democrats in Congress who have pleaded for border relief in their communities to Washington.

They've demonized and smeared border agents doing their jobs on horseback, disrupting their lives and reputations for nothing.  Did anyone notice the surnames on those agents who were so Democrat-demonized?  Hint: They ended with letters like Z and O.

Not only do border surges create crime and disorder to these American communities situated there, but they eat up public resources; they cause food and other shortages; and they disrupt the legitimate border activity of the locals who go back and forth from Mexico to Texas for jobs and homes, in a stable balance, which is the natural state of things in all peaceful border towns worldwide.

Small wonder, then, that Democrats have been losing ground among Hispanic voters in Texas.  It began in 2020 and has only gotten worse for them.

Instead of running moderate Hispanic candidates to stanch the bleeding, finding someone who could match the rural sensibilities of South Texas voters described here, they run a radical Democrat with fake Latino colors, as if Latino voters would prefer a fake Latino with college-town left-wingery instead of a real one who represents.  O'Rourke is popular among Democrat elites because he's one of them.  But Latino voters can already see that they have been used and taken for granted by that Democrat elite establishment, which is why they are moving toward Republicans now. 

Instead of trying something new, they wheel out Beto, who's lost multiple elections based on his flimsy record and hothouse radicalism, as if yesterday's news is just the thing for these voters.  How stupid do they think Latino voters are?

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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