Matrix parody shows Americans the harsh truth — and how to fight it

America has been blue-pilled.  A whole army of leaders from what's left of Joe Biden down to your corporate human resources office and even the local school board is selling you a huge lie.  It's a fake reality they have built to empower themselves, demoralize you, and destroy America.

That's the contention of a new parody video called The Woketrix, by Trent Talbot, CEO of BRAVE Books.  The parody of the classic Keanu ReevesLawrence Fishburne film The Matrix presents a similar choice to the one upon which that movie turns.  Reeves's charter, Neo, is offered a choice: take the blue pill and keep on living in a comfortable fantasy, or take the red pill and learn the harsh truth. 

The wokies today are selling a false reality — that America is bad, all white people are evil oppressors, capitalism must be destroyed, race must always divide us, and socialism must reign supreme.  The Woketrix they want to build will stand on the shards of your freedom, or on your corpse — unless you take the red pill, learn the truth, and do as Neo did in the movies and fight back. 

Talbot says Americans — not just conservatives, but all Americans who love freedom — face a choice: take a stand now, or watch your children and their children get indoctrinated into wokeism and then turn against you and everything you know and love. 

"I'm here to help parents fight for their children's hearts," Talbot recently told Fox News.  "Parents can't afford to take a passive approach to parenting.  Wokeism's whole plan is to influence our children today so that they become the woke activists of tomorrow.  BRAVE Books is a tool for parents to teach their kids intentionally so they grow up believing the traditional values that made this country the freest nation in the world." 

The Woketrix couldn't have come at a better time.  Corporate America is turning against the freedoms that make its success and ability to thrive possible, forcing Critical Race Theory and its lies on unsuspecting employees — and threatening their jobs if they speak out against it.  Colleges and universities are supposed to create critical thinkers who are ready for success but, instead, they're churning out armies of woke-bots with a hive mind bent on crushing all dissent.  Even churches are getting into the act, and cities are going woke from the mayor's desk to the sheriff's office.  Your kid's kindergarten teacher may be colluding with the librarian to indoctrinate your son or daughter to hate everything you stand for.  You send them off to school to learn how to read and write, and they come home one day telling you to love socialism — or else.  It's a tough time to be a freedom-loving American, and it's likely to get worse.

Fortunately, BRAVE Books' lineup, which includes Rep. Dan Crenshaw, talk show host Dana Loesch, the Hodgetwins, and more, is here to help.

"BRAVE Book's Matrix parody Woketrix is more than a fun spoof," Dana Loesch told Fox.  "It points out that the matrix that Neo battles in the movie really isn't that different from the ideologies our kids face today.  Both are hidden under the surface, working when you're not looking to change the way you see everything around you."

Talbot: "At BRAVE, we want to help parents teach their children to love the truth so that they will be able to withstand woke influences.  If the woke left is teaching our children lies through entertainment, we'll do the same with truth."

James Lowe is a two-decade radio industry veteran and now host of his own nationally syndicated radio show based in Kansas and carried on the Iheartradio app.  Find out more at

Image: BRAVE Books.

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