El Salvador's President Bukele produces the receipts on Biden corruption

El Salvador's President Nayim Bukele is something of a freak, a loose cannon.  His Twitter photo should give you the idea:


I can't tell if he's on the right or left.  He's some kind of opportunist who's often described as a caudillo.  He's an ex-communist with Venezuelan advisers, as the screen shot indicates at the top.  But apparently the country's real communists don't like him.  He's trashed his country's future by dropping the U.S. dollar as the country's currency and replacing it with bitcoin, an unreliable ledger currency favored by drug-dealers, money-launderers, and fast-buck speculators.  He is said to be popular, based on all the corrupt and ineffective governments that came before him.  I can't tell if he really is or not.  One thing we do know is that illegal migration from El Salvador is not as bad as it used to be.  We also know that he's not on speaking terms with Joe Biden based on some bad treatment the Bidenites gave him when he visited the U.S. in February.

Now Bukele has rattled the pot a little.

In response to a news report, undoubtedly based on Bidenite leaks, that he's cut a secret deal with El Salvador's MS-13 and Barrio 18 gangs to cut the country's crime rate down, or rather "provided financial incentives to Salvadoran gangs MS-13 and 18th Street Gang (Barrio 18) to ensure that incidents of gang violence and the number of confirmed homicides remained low," as the U.S. Treasury said in a statement.  According to the Wall Street Journal, he's called out the Bidenites themselves on corruption. 

According to Bonchie at RedState:

That provoked a bad reaction from the Biden administration on Twitter:

Then this happened:

Bonchie explains:

Bukele then responded by sharing private text messages that showed the US Ambassador to El Salvador asking for the release of a man named Neto Muyshondt. Musyshondt [sic] was previously arrested on charges related to using government funds to pay off gang members and drug trafficking.

For some reason, the United States is really interested in Muyshondt being released.

Sounds like bad stuff that the Bidenites should be explaining themselves on.  Why are they fighting so hard to get a drug-dealer released from a Salvadoran prison, where he belongs?  Was he an important human-smuggler?  We know they love their open borders in Biden's America.  Was he an FBI informant?  We see a lot of that these days, too.  Why did they want an obvious bad guy out of the can, and why did they not want to tell anyone?

The Bidenites also need to explain just how Bukele got hold of the ambassador's emails and how many others he's got in pocket.  What kind of security do these people have, and why do they seem to think that just because El Salvador is a small country, there's no need to practice any sort of security as might be done with Russia or China?  Apparently, it's all out there for the taking, and they forget that this guy is all in for bitcoin, the ledger currency of the world's criminals.

Bonchie flops around a bit with on-the-one-hand, on-the-other-hand stuff about Bukele's approach to crime in seeking to cut deals.

On this, all I can say is that I see two things.  One, when you are fighting a lake full of alligators, it's natural and normal to take a few out of action through cutting deals.  There is evidence that President Uribe of Colombia did that, by taking the narco-paramilitaries out of action in order to focus on fighting the nation's most dangerous enemy, the Marxist-narco-terrorist, Venezuelan-sponsored FARC, which was the sensible and effective move.  It may have been the case with Bukele and his country's gangs, too, given that these Salvadoran gangs are decentralized, each a faction of its own.  Knock out a few and focus on fighting the worst of them.  If the Biden administration is horning in on a dynamic like that, it's meddling very illegitimately.

Second, notice that Bukele seems to care about violent crime.  He seems to know that violent crime is damaging his country.

We don't have that on the Biden side of things here in the States.  We have defund the police, and Soros prosecutors in blue cities who have contempt for rule of law and let every criminal off without charges.  As a result, we now have attack after attack on innocent people minding their own business in urban areas; rich people getting murdered in their own homes, as happened in Los Angeles; and smash-and-grab broad daylight mass lootings of pricey retailers, as well as little ones.  The Bidenites like crime, and they imprison only political dissidents.  Unlike Bukele, they fully embrace the Hugo Chávez model.  Hugo did that in one of his first steps toward turning Venezuela into a socialist hellhole.  The results speak for themselves.

So some kind of corruption is going on with the Bidenites, and one wonders what else Bukele has on Biden.  He's a scrappy character and not for amateur diplomats, such as Kamala Harris, who was allowed to visit only Guatemala's sane and recognizable leader last June, despite being the root causes border surge czar focused on the Northern Triangle countries, of which El Salvador is one.  The Guatemalan president noted that she hasn't been heard from since.

But now the U.S. diplomats seem to want to micromanage Bukele's war with his country's gangs and are trying to call him corrupt.  Well, it turns out there's some kind of corruption going on, but it seems to be on the Biden side.  He called them out, the emails tell a bad story, and now we need to know why the Bidenites want drug-dealers let out of prison scot-free.  Could it be that they want this guy out in order to ensure he inflicts chaos on the U.S.?  Stranger things have happened.

Something fishy is going on, and you can bet that Russia and China are taking notes.  The most important thing the Salvadoran president has highlighted here is that the Bidenites have a history of corruption.  Although this isn't a Hunter Biden email type of corruption that's been exposed, we know that Russia and China do have that kind of information.  They are more calculating than Bukele and may well have a lot of bad stuff on Biden corruption.

If Bukele can use this kind of knowledge of secret corruption to discredit the Bidenites, so can America's much more threatening enemies.  The gate has been opened.

Image: Twitter screen shot.

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