Dr. Ben Carson nails it on the suppression of existing therapies for COVID: ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine

Despite the lack of so-called "gold standard" double-blind studies, we now effectively know that early (off-label) use of the anti-parasite/anti-malarial drugs hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin can have a significant effect on reducing COVID mortality — especially when used in conjunction with other substances like azithromycin, zinc, and Vitamin D.  (Always consult your physician for medical advice.  This post is purely informational and not intended to recommend any treatment to readers.)  The medical establishment and the panic merchants in government, the media, and the tech sector, including social media, refuse to acknowledge the remedies at hand and instead push universal vaccination and expensive patented therapies.

Running a double-blind study requires oodles of money — the kind of money that only a new, patented drug–maker could afford, in hopes of selling a high-priced remedy to millions of consumers.  Repurposing off-patent drugs like HCQ and IVM does not yield the kind of profits that would be necessary to pay back the cost of double-blind studies — so they don't exist.

Dr. Ben Carson appeared on Maria Bartiromo's Fox News show Sunday Morning Futures yesterday and, in his trademark reasonable voice, spoke wisdom about the COVID pandemic and panic.  He expressed views that have been censored or shadowbanned by Twitter, Facebook, and Google.  Keep in mind that he is one of the most honored physicians of the last century.

Among the many points he made (see the embedded video below) is the need to research why the tropical countries in Africa where HCQ and IVM are widely used have such minor death tolls from COVID.  As you watch, examine the graph below:


Dr. Carson:

UPDATE: The earlier video link was incorrect. The above video has Dr. Carson's comments about alternative treatments for COVID.

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