Donald Trump is in the wrong. Change my mind

I begin with the obligatory statement that I enthusiastically voted for DJT twice; was a staunch supporter; and remain grateful for his achievements with the economy, foreign policy and his stance against the fake news media.

I wish to talk about COVID as it pertains to Trump.  To my mind, the unconscionable overreach through lockdowns and coerced injections were immoral, unethical, un-American, and surely criminal.

Much ink and breath have been expended arguing the finer points of these matters, with some defending Trump's endorsement of lockdown and fast-tracked injections by pointing out his promotion of therapeutics, warnings against extended lockdowns, and statements that he opposes vaccine mandates.

Among the Trump faithful, I suspect that many of us vested unrealistic hope in him and now find it too disappointing to find fault in the absence of any obvious alternative champion.  Expressions of disappointment in him are met with everything from reminders that he had the public health bureaucracy, D.C., and the media hysterically determined to hype the pandemic and blame him; that he mustn't alienate the normies if he is to win again next time; and that he had to expedite injections in order to break lockdowns to "he's the best we've got."  All these things may be true, and we could have honest disagreements about the nuances and import of each one and many other aspects.

Yet there is one aspect that seems to me to be without nuance: the FDA approval of the "vaccines" for children.

Given that children are a cohort essentially at zero risk from COVID 19, there is no possible benefit from these injections for them.

It is therefore unethical, immoral, and probably criminal for these shots to be administered to this cohort.

We are aware of potential negative consequences from these injections such as clotting, heart inflammation, and possible death.  We may guess at intermediate and long-term negative effects, but we do not know what, or how severe, they will be.  We are therefore exposing children to known and unknown risks for no benefit.

Children will be injured, maimed, and killed in the nearly total absence of benefit to them.

So far as I can discover, Donald Trump's sole utterance in the face of this has been to state that he doesn't think children need them, and only then upon being asked.  If he has said more, I cannot find it, and he has ways of making statements via his website, his proxies, and interviews.

He also wants credit for the vaccines, and I believe he deserves it.

His weak-sauce response to the deliberate and pointless jeopardizing of the vulnerable and precious is, in my mind, grossly inadequate.

I am unmoved by arguments of political expediency or necessity when it comes to this.  Failing to object vociferously to knowingly harming children, where they stand to gain nothing, from a product you facilitated, promote, and claim credit for is wrong.  And nothing good can come of it.  Change my mind.

Illustration adapted by author.

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