Did Jen Psaki tell us a little more than she meant to about coughing Joe Biden's COVID status?

Coughing all over the place during his rare public appearances, multi-vaxxed Joe Biden gives all appearances of having COVID.  But if he does, he's got politics on his mind and therefore isn't about to be honest about it.

The latest nonsense then comes from White House spokesweasel Jen Psaki, who's making curious claims.

Following a report that Biden was exposed to COVID by a staffer who caught the disease, Psaki tried to spin the obvious to us about whether Biden has COVID, this time with a positively Jesuitical evasion about the president's status.

She claimed this:

Asymptomatic?  As in, has the disease, but isn't coughing all over the place?  That not only is dishonest based on the fact that he is coughing in public appearances but also implies a positive test for COVID.  Asymptomatic people with COVID don't cough all over the place the way old Joe does.

It sounds as if she revealed more than she meant to with that remark, given that it appears quite realistic to suspect that Joe has COVID.

Twitchy has an excellent roundup of the public skepticism of that claim seen on Twitter here.

It's worth asking more about because Joe has been a coughing wreck for weeks.

Here's the news from less than three weeks ago, on Dec. 3:

President Biden explained Friday that his cough and raspy voice is due to a grandson who had a cold and not the coronavirus. He is tested for the virus every day and recent results were negative, he said.

"I'm okay," he told a reporter who noted the difference in his voice after he concluded his remarks at the White House on the latest jobs report. "I have a [coronavirus] test every day."

"What I have is a one-and-a-half-year-old grandson who had a cold who likes to kiss his pop," Biden added. "It's just a cold."

He didn't name the grandson, but the only one who matches that profile is the new offspring of his son Hunter Biden and his latest wife.  (That's the same Hunter Biden who's quite the artist these days and supposedly the relative Joe never discusses business with.  Seems they meet a lot, though.  In any case, it's unknown whether the kid gave senile old Gramps any cold.)

A month earlier, Psaki herself tested positive for COVID.  Of course, she would have no problem working in the same room with Coughing Joe, as she has natural immunity.  That's a lot of COVID floating around the White House with its hyper-vaxxed staff, yet somehow, none of it ever lands on Joe.

Now, why would Biden be so eager to deny he has COVID despite his obvious symptoms?  President Trump had no problem admitting he had COVID.  Prime Minister Boris Johnson of the U.K. and President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil never hid the fact that they were sick with COVID, either.  But Biden is showing all signs of having caught COVID himself, and the White House spin machine is working overtime to deny anything amiss to the public.

Why is he being so dishonest about this?

Most likely because he's been hollering and haranguing the public to get vaccinated.  He's been so obnoxious about it that he even told a Kentucky tornado victim trying to get over injuries and the shock of losing all his possessions in the mega-storm to get vaccinated, showing his complete tin ear on how to deal with victims of natural disasters.  He might have even spread a little COVID there as he said it, given the White House COVID Petri dish.  Who knows?  He seems to be in the clutches of some kind of Big Pharma corporate interests, which would involve forcing the vaccine on everyone, given the high profits and zero risk of lawsuits for vaccine injuries.

We all know that Biden's vaccinated — many times — having made a public show of it.

Now he's caught COVID?  Like millions of others who've been vaccinated?

What it sounds like is that his vaccination agenda might just be more important than public health and decisions about one's body.  Biden catching COVID puts that priority on the rocks, given that the public can see that these vaccines don't work very well and certainly don't stop anyone from catching COVID. 

That affirms what vaccine skeptics have been saying all along — that the vaccines are jury-rigged, they don't work very well, and many people would be better off skipping the vaccine and relying on natural immunity as a defense.  With the very mild omicron variant going around and acting as a natural vaccine, that seems reasonable, as does the idea of learning to live with COVID and focusing on effective therapeutics such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin.

But all of that flies in the face of Biden's hard vaccine agenda.  If Biden has COVID, it would be Exhibit A of why that idea makes less and less sense, because the vaccines don't seem to prevent anything.

Fact is, the most vaccinated places on Earth, such as Gibraltar and Israel, have some of the highest COVID cases.  It's as if the vaccines make people more, not less vulnerable to catching the new variants.  Substack here has an excellent piece on the "pandemic of the vaccinated."

What we see here, if it's eventually found out to be true that Joe has COVID, is Biden putting his political agenda ahead of the public's health.  Besides the bizarre desire to force vaccinations on everyone, there are also uncomfortable questions about the 25th Amendment which raises the question of whether there will be a President Kamala Harris at some time in the near future.

All of these things rank higher to Joe than the actual truth — about the vaccines and about Joe himself.  Can't this administration act with honesty?  Seems they can't, given that the lies coming from them seem to be reflexive.

Image: Twitter screen shot.

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