Dems’ SCOTUS scheme face plants as Biden’s commission to evaluate expanding court unanimously declines to recommend packing

Last week’s oral arguments in the Mississippi abortion case provoked more dark muttering from Democrats threatening to pack the Supreme Court if they don’t get their way. But yesterday the plotters received a body blow to any such plans when the special commission appointed by President Biden last April to study changes to the Court conspicuously failed to recommend any changes at all.

Just the News reports:

President Joe Biden's Supreme Court commission unanimously approved Tuesday a final report that pointedly declined to make recommendations on the most controversial ideas offered by liberals such as expanding the number of justices.

"The commission takes no position on the validity or strength" of arguments for or against increasing the number of justices, an idea often called packing the court, the final report noted.

While avoiding a recommendation, the panel noted most serious scholars opposed court packing.

“No serious person, in either major political party, suggests court packing as a means of overturning disliked Supreme Court decisions, whether the decision in question is Roe v. Wade or Citizens United,” the final report said.

”Scholars could say, until very recently, that even as compared to other court reform efforts, ‘court-packing’ is especially out of bounds. This is part of the convention of judicial independence."

The 34-member commission's 288-page report is likely to disappoint liberals

I’d say that the report kills the idea for the foreseeable future. There will not be even a fig leaf to cover the naked power grab. Senators Manchin and Sinema are not going to back such a radical measure, even if Speaker Pelosi pushes a measure through the House.

Take a sigh of relief. And let the Justices deliberate Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health free from worry over court-packing.

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