Chicago is what happens when a culture loses its moral grounding

Chicago's Loop encompasses the city's central business district, which is also the second largest commercial business district in America (or so Wikipedia tells me), filled with restaurants, offices, retail stores, hotels, and historic attractions.  It lies at the heart of Cook County, the same county that elected Kim Foxx, the Soros-designated district attorney who doesn't believe in prosecuting crime.  When you couple Foxx's aversion to enforcing the law with generations of people who have grown up without any moral grounding, you get a weekend in the loop complete with beatings, a shooting, and general misbehavior.

CWB Chicago reported on the madness Saturday night in the Loop:

A 15-year-old was shot, a CTA bus driver was beaten, and about 20 juveniles were taken into custody as a "large group incident" unfolded in the Loop on Saturday evening, according to police and initial information from sources.


Among the more serious incidents: A CTA bus driver was beaten on the 100 block of North Michigan when he stopped his vehicle to inspect it for damage after he heard a loud noise around 8:50 p.m., according to a CPD statement.

As he examined the bus, a male and female began to push him and then punched him repeatedly before running away, police said. An ambulance took the 49-year-old driver to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in fair condition with bruises to his face and body.

Paul Vallas shared video of the attack on the bus driver, who was responsibly doing his job:

Listening to the assembled crowd jabbering and jeering like hyenas is deeply disturbing.  These people have reverted to a world without brakes — and when I say brakes, I mean the twin brakes of morality, which creates control from within, and law enforcement, which asserts control from without.

Image: Uncontrolled rage.  Piqsels.

In the resulting world, which is a Darwinian survival of the fittest, hierarchy matters — and hierarchy is displayed most obviously by shows of respect and disrespect.  When residents in this wilderness perceive disrespect, they respond violently.  An accidental bump on the street can instantly morph into a blood battle between two testosterone-fueled young men jockeying for status.  So, according to the same CWB Chicago article quoted above:

Later, a 15-year-old boy was shot during an argument that erupted when he bumped into another teen on the 200 block of South Wabash around 11:20 p.m., police said.

The offender pulled out a handgun and began shooting at the victim as the argument escalated, then ran from the scene. One bullet struck the boy in his right wrist. He was taken to Lurie Children's Hospital in good condition.

I'm not a particularly religious person, but I can't help thinking that an urban area in which children are raised believing in the Ten Commandments would be a much more peaceful place.  People who give honor to God and their parents (and wouldn't it be nice if they were raised in a nuclear family by the man and woman who helped create them?) might be less inclined to get their knickers in a twist if bumped on the street or to attack a bus driver, even if he said something insulting to them.

And of course, being under strict instructions from that same God they honor not to murder, steal, or covet would bring a remarkable level of peace to neighborhoods that have gone feral.  But these Chicagoans have been raised without morals, and leftists have told them the police are their enemies, rather than the only thing standing between them and complete, bloody anarchy.  They now have nothing to protect them from themselves and each other.

We are heading to an abyss, but I keep reminding myself that if there is enough faith and will among honorable people, the abyss is not inevitable.  My favorite example of a society that turned itself around is the difference between the utter debauchery and moral decay of Georgian England versus the rectitude and huge economic success of Victorian England.

But we don't have to look so far away in time and space.  Instead, think of what happened to New York City as the leftists took control in the 1960s through 1980s.  It was a dying city, with massive crime and structural decay.  (Impressively, de Blasio did in a handful of years what it took other Democrat mayors decades to accomplish.  You can think of him as a communist overachiever.)  Then Rudy Giuliani became mayor, and, with Bill Bratton as his police chief, they turned the city around.  It once again became a thriving, exciting, clean, and safe metropolis.

Preach the gospel of constitutional conservatism — that is, a society anchored by faiths that preach the golden rule to all, family, and hard work, with the strong underpinning of a limited government that owes fealty to the Constitution and the rule of law.  Change happened before, and it can happen again.

Hat tip: Peter von Buol.

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