Biden’s political mutations

According to, the 2021 word of the year is “allyship,” which is the state or condition of being an ally that involves cooperating with others for a common cause. Merriam-Webster chose “vaccine” as their 2021 WOTY; however, I believe “mutation” – something Biden’s positions do more than COVID-19 -- is a better choice.

Biden may engage in allyship with hordes of illegals crossing our borders, but domestically he’s more antagonistic. As senator, he occasionally reached across the aisle, but as senile president he has mutated into a progressive partisan who’s no ally to the majority of Americans – only 22% support his reelection and a large percentage of Americans think our country is on the wrong track.

Clearly, his presidential persona is weirdly variant, having mutated from a supposed moderate dealmaker into a disoriented mouthpiece for demented Dems.  Fortunately, just as viruses tend to mutate into less potent strains in order to survive (by not killing their hosts), so, too, has Biden become less politically virulent as his misguided policy priorities flounder amidst low poll numbers.

Joe Biden (edited in befunky). YouTube screen grab.

Further evidence of Biden’s mutative state is that he once supported a “fence” on our southern border, and favored jailing employers who hire illegals.  Turns out the presidential variant may now be more of an ally to illegal, unvaccinated aliens traipsing across our open borders than to American citizens who have to pay for their upkeep and suffer their crimes.  He certainly showed no allyship toward the dedicated border patrol agents whom he evilly accused of lashing unvaccinated aliens from atop their sturdy horses.

Even for feckless, flip-flopping politicians, Biden’s policy mutations are noteworthy.  Not only does he favor convenient “truths” over facts, but his subjective reality and selective memory have mutated into post-truth “truthiness.”  In his warped reality the obscene Build Back Better bill will tamp down on inflation; after all, he insists it doesn’t cost a thing.  Then it’s just off-putting when his freakish personage leans into the mic and whispers that businesses should pay employees more.

Biden experienced an epiphany that COVID-19 should not be politicized, despite lambasting Republican governors who resist his coronavirus polices, and despite his totally incongruous attack on Trump’s coronavirus response.  Sure, he’s physically frail and a gaunt visage as the mutations take their toll, but he’s got some real mental issues to boot.  

I miss the self-quarantining Bunker Biden, who was less contagious; by contrast, this highly mutated version has become a super-spreader of the progressive plague, albeit a groggy one.  In fact, he bears an awful resemblance to the Grim Reaper who leverages pandemics for political power. How about giving us some social distancing, groggy grim Joe -- unless you actually dare to answer some straightforward questions.  How can a petulant president not do that, anyway?

Here’s hoping that Senators Manchin and Sinema, and any other “moderate” Dems with a modicum of courage, provide us immunity from the rampant Biden mutations.  Then, of course, we’ll need to do some contact tracing of his maleficent mutants behind the curtain, exposing the progressive allyship for the Woke rot that it is.

While focused on words, consider the interesting contronym: “left.”  It can mean “remaining,” as in what’s left of Biden’s memory; “departed, “ as in left the podium before answering questions; or a position on the political spectrum.  The latter has been overwhelmed by “far-left” mutant minions.  

Fortunately, for our great Republic’s longevity, Americans are poised to administer some voting therapeutics that ensures fewer lefties are “left” to form more anti-American allyships.  Let’s be sure to consign the grotesque mutants to the political graveyard so that America can long endure as the last, best hope of Earth.

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