Biden's Pentagon continues its crackdown on conservatives in the ranks

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The Biden Pentagon is obsessed with "extremism."  The moment Lloyd Austin was confirmed as Biden's defense secretary, he put the entire military on a 60-day stand down to purge "extremism" in the ranks.  Apparently, that stand down was ineffective because Austin is back again, this time with new rules that are again meant to counter "extremism" by preventing troops from engaging in "extremist" activities.  The wise and/or paranoid among us believe that those new rules are an effort to clear the ranks of conservatives, especially Trump-supporters (and, I bet, DeSantis-supporters).

Ostensibly, the newly issued rules for "handling protest, extremist, and criminal gang activities in the Armed Forces" state some obvious things that troops aren't allowed to do, such as political violence, supporting terrorism, etc.  These general descriptions of bad things allow the Pentagon enormous leeway in penalizing troops who have political views that are inconsistent with the Biden administration's goals.  We already know that, for help figuring out what extremists are, the Pentagon relies on the Southern Poverty Law Center, a hard-left organization that defines anything that's not leftist as terrorist or extremist.

We also know that the obsession that requires a whole new set of rules is inconsistent with the current data about actual "extremism" in the ranks.  Although the U.S. military has around 1.3 million active-duty personal, the AP article breaking the news about the rule changes concedes that only about 0.008% of the military is official "extremist":

According to the Pentagon, fewer than 100 military members are known to have been involved in substantiated cases of extremist activity in the past year.

Nevertheless, there's that fear about "recent spikes in domestic violent extremism, particularly among veterans."  Who believes, as I do, that both the AP and the Pentagon, when they speak of "domestic violent extremism, particularly among veterans," are thinking about the imaginary insurrection on January 6?

Image: Lloyd Austin wages war against American troops.  YouTube screen grab.

It's scarcely a coincidence that these new rules appeared just as three retired generals announced in the pages of the Washington Post, that the United States is at such risk of an insurrection in the 2024 election that the military must purge itself of extremists so that a purified military can instantly take control of the U.S. if the 2024 election doesn't see a Democrat returned to the White House.  As part of their justification for a military coup, the generals define the events on January 6 as an "insurrection" and note (horrors!) that there were veterans there.

I happen to believe that there was indeed some sort of insurrection on January 6.  My belief is premised on the compelling case The Revolver makes about the events of that day, something it backs with reams of publicly available data.  The data show that an organized cadre of individuals loudly and aggressively encouraged entry into the Capitol.  Additionally, they engaged in deliberate behavior (stripping barriers and signs) that ensured that people drifting over to the Capitol after Trump's speech would be unaware that they were entering onto ground that, while normally open to the public, had been declared off-limits for the day.

The meticulous planning and the orderly way in which these acts were conducted suggest that an organization, whether in the government or the military, planned and carried out the entrapment (1) to cow private individuals from objecting to Biden's government and (2) to allow for precisely the military purge the generals suggest and the new rules authorize.  I know I sound utterly paranoid when I write those words, but others are thinking along the same lines — and bringing the receipts to prove it.

So no, I don't think there's anything random about the timing of the newly promulgated rules, about the Soviet-style January 6 committee, or about the three generals openly justifying a coup at the next election.  There's a deliberate plan here and, while I can see it forming, I have absolutely no idea how we can challenge it.

I guess our best hope is a red wave in the 2022 election, empowering congressional investigations into all of this.  The problem is that our elected Republicans have never shown themselves capable of taking on the leftists.  Whether because of cowardice, stupidity, or something else, they also fall into limp, floppy heaps of uselessness when push comes to shove.

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