Biden's comments about air travel create massive instability in America

On Sunday, Anthony "Dr. Science" Fauci said he thought a vaccine mandate for air travel would be a great idea.  On Monday, having run it up the flagpole without any salutes, he walked that idea back.  But on Tuesday, to make it impossible for Americans to plan even a day in advance, Biden put vaccines for air travel back on the table.  If Democrats aren't intentionally trying to destroy America, they're certainly doing a good job by accident.  Here's where we are:

The CDC has long acknowledged that vaccines do not stop COVID infections or spread, so that means they're not actually vaccines.

So-called vaccines may lessen the chances of a bad COVID infection or of getting long COVID.

Fully vaccinated people are also fully at risk for getting omicron.  A double-vaxxed 75-year-old man with comorbidities died from omicron in Israel.

Even when COVID was at its worst, for most people, COVID's survivability rate was about 99% or greater.  It seems obvious that the reasons for the observably greater number of deaths are that, in a virgin population, millions of people were getting sick simultaneously, rather than the disease drifting through America year after year; COVID death counts included deaths "with" as well as "from" COVID; and the media compulsively reported on every death.

For most people, omicron is either asymptomatic or a bad cold.

Omicron seems to provide natural immunity to COVID.

Airplane filter systems are so good that it's highly unlikely that people will more easily catch COVID on a plane than anywhere else.

Image: An old man who happens to be president walks his dog on the beach (edited in befunky).  YouTube screen grab.

In other words, by the standards of deadly diseases, COVID is an amateur, with (on average) more than 99% of people recovering.  Omicron is even less consequential.  So-called vaccines don't prevent COVID in any of its forms (but they may keep those who took the vaccine from getting terribly sick).  The jabs also do not prevent the jabbed from getting others sick.  All of this means that vaccine mandates are entirely ineffective at preventing COVID's spread and are, instead, a disgraceful and (I believe) unconstitutional infringement on people's bodily autonomy.  And both masks and shots are useless on airplanes.

Into this strides Anthony Fauci on Sunday, saying he really doesn't care about the facts.  What matters, he says, is to force people to get vaccinated — and one way to do that is to allow only vaccinated people to fly:

One day later, on Monday, Fauci reverses himself, around the same time that the CDC cut its quarantine time in half:

So what does Biden do on Tuesday?  He announces that vaccine mandates for domestic flights are on the table:

Biden told reporters at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware — while walking his new German Shepherd puppy, Commander, with First Lady Jill Biden — that he will make a decision on domestic travel vaccine requirements "when I get a recommendation from the medical team."  

One of the hallmarks of a failed country is that people cannot make plans for the future.  In a stable country, people have jobs, save money, get married, have children, invest in homes, start businesses, travel for business and pleasure, and do hundreds of other routine tasks because they know that the underlying status quo of their country will be the same from day to day and year to year.  That stability breeds prosperity and happiness.

In a tyranny, the future is too unpredictable to allow for any long- or short-term plans: money is devalued and laws regarding everything from jobs to speech to travel change on an arbitrary and capricious basis.  And none of those rules applies to the nomenklatura or politically favored class.

COVID has jettisoned the deliberation and stability that the Founders envisioned for a constitutional American republic.  Instead, we have a gerontocracy: government by old people scared of a virus, desperate for power, disdainful of ordinary Americans, and deeply corrupt, whether morally or financially.

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