Biden lies on his support for Afghanistan military action, dismisses military casualties during withdrawal as inevitable

In an interview with CBS TV's Rita Braver, President Biden disgraced himself with a big lie about his past record of supporting the use of military force in Afghanistan, compounding it with an evasion of responsibility for the thirteen military casualties suffered during his botched withdrawal operation.

Via Fox News:

Biden's claim to have opposed the war "from the very beginning" echoed remarks he made in a 2019 interview with the editorial board of New Hampshire's Seacoast Media Group. 

"I'm the guy that — as has been pointed out repeatedly — that thought we should not be going into Afghanistan," he said at the time. 

Biden did not oppose the invasion of Afghanistan, however. Then a senator from Delaware, he joined his colleagues in a unanimous vote in support of the 2001 authorization of military force against "nations, organizations, or persons" that then-President George W. Bush determined to have helped perpetrate the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. 

Even worse, when you think about it, he insulted the military and national security personnel who advised him not to abandon Bagram Air Base and who advised him to leave a small presence.  It also is an insult to the service members killed, since he's basically saying he knew their deaths were inevitable.

Via the Daily Wire:

On Monday, President Joe Biden implied that the deaths of 13 U.S. service members during his disastrous withdrawal strategy from Afghanistan were inevitable.

"Everybody says, 'you could've gotten out without anybody being hurt,'" Biden said of Afghanistan to CBS News correspondent Rita Braver. "No one's come up with a way to indicate to me how that happens."

Biden lies because it is an old habit and because he knows he can get away with it.  And in his advancing mental incapacity, he may even believe his lies.

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