'Bail reform' costs 25 Chicagoans their lives, so far this year...

Another day, another dead person, another beneficiary of the George Soros chaos masterplan of "bail reform."

This travesty of justice happened in Chicago:

A Chicago man shot and killed the mother of his children while on bond for being a felon in possession of a weapon in April and then fled to Texas, prosecutors said Tuesday. The murder of Jessica Johnson, 30, came just a few months after Edward Roscoe, 29, allegedly dropped their 4-month-old daughter, killing her.

Roscoe is the 61st person accused of killing, trying to kill, or shooting someone in Chicago this year while awaiting trial for a felony. A total of 93 victims are involved in those crimes — 25 of them were murdered.

Had this monster been sitting in jail where he belonged, the woman he cold-bloodedly shot and killed as she likely cowered in a state of complete terror would still be alive. His dead baby daughter whom he somehow "dropped" would likely be alive, too.

The woman killed was one of 25 murder victims who can't speak up about this "bail reform." She's also one of 93 victims who've been victims of such attacks, the non-dead ones likely recovering in hospitals for gunshot wounds or still taking the flashbacks of terror at what might have happened. Sixty-one of these thugs have been "beneficiaries" of bail reform, which means no or low cash bail, meaning that they were permitted to await their trial dates in complete freedom, giving them the time to even the score with their hate targets ahead of their date with the judge and jury. This fiend was one of them.

Bail reform has been a plague for years now, enabling violent criminals to walk free ahead of their trials. The Soros left and its allies have been calling it a matter of economic justice, given that many thugs don't have the same kind of money as people with productive jobs:

The ACLU calls it "smart justice" and is running a Campaign for Smart Justice on its website here:

After an arrest — wrongful or not — a person’s ability to leave jail and return home to fight the charges typically  depends on access to money. That's because, in virtually all jurisdictions, people are required to pay cash bail in order to secure their freedom. Originally, bail was designed to ensure  people return to court to face charges against them. Now we know that simple solutions like court reminders often can achieve that purpose. And, the money bail system has morphed into one that perpetuates widespread wealth-based incarceration. 

Here is their "logic":

This bail system has increased the jail population and made America's incarceration problem worse. 

Memo to the leftists there: This bail system has also kept criminals off the streets and allowed many innocent people to retain some general "alive-ness." The crime rate and what bail reform does to the crime rate do not figure in their logic.

Crime in fact has shot up based on bail reform, and while murder is the worst of it, there are other significant crimes flaring up like sea monsters coming up from the deep. In San Francisco, Soros-financed district attorney Chesa Boudin has pursued a no-bail policy for looters, which is why any apprehension of these criminals always leads to the revolving door of justice. A bunch who got let out -- 14 mass looters who benefited from bail "reform"-- just got let out as described in this story here. That's far from the only case: "To be a victim of crime in San Francisco is a complete nightmare under District Attorney Boudin," said one victim, in this story here.

It also contributes to crime itself. Bail reform's defenders claim that bail reform is all about letting non-violent criminals out to wait. But obviously, that's open to interpretation. The fiend who killed the Chicago woman was out on bail for possession of a stolen firearm, something that by leftist definition was a "non-violent" offense. The career criminal who was out on a flimsy bail for trying to run over his girlfriend with a car earlier and then went on to use his car to run down children at a parade in Wisconsin may have been classified as 'non-violent' too, given that his crimes didn't involve guns or knives. If he wasn't, and was indeed classified as violent, that's even worse.

Meanwhile, the gaslighting surrounds this problem, like some kind of toxic penumbra.

Here's some crap from CNN's so-called fact-checkers about this, confidently spewing the Fake News:

Facts First: There's no clear evidence linking bail reforms -- which have been in place for years in some cities -- to the recent rise in violent crimes. In fact, the majority of cities that have seen increases in crime have not eliminated cash bail. Many variables have contributed to the increases Graham is referencing but CNN has seen no evidence to suggest that bail reform is a major factor.

Maybe these clowns can tell that to the 25 and climbing murder victims in Chicago alone who were killed by beasts on bail.

Sixty-one violent thugs let out of jail on bail reform, only to go on to kill others, is 61 too many. It's time to make the purveyors of this vile philosophy of bail reform start to pay up whenever another victim is murdered by one of their precious killer beneficiaries.

Image:  Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Pix4free

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